Zoho has announced the recent addition of their new online accounting software, Zoho Books. It is the latest application Zoho has introduced through the Google Apps Marketplace. Zoho Books is designed to help simplify accounting for small to medium-sized businesses and will provide a complete overview of the finances, as well as a tool for managing their money.

Zoho believes this to be a critical milestone for their more than three million customers and that they are in a unique position to deliver productivity and also collaborative tools to any company wishing to run its business entirely online. In the future, they hope to refine their applications and keep the internal and third-party integrations their users have come to expect.

Zoho users will now be able to manage their customers and invoices while keeping their expenses in check. Users are now able to record, monitor and reconcile their bank accounts as well as their transactions. The software enables users to easily give their accountants or financial advisors easy access to the system so they are able to collaborate in real time.

Zoho Books features include the ability to see income by estimating and viewing invoices in multiple currencies. Users may also receive payments online and can set it up to automate recurring invoices and other repetitive tasks, while also sending out payment reminders to customers.

Users may also check their expenses by tracking bills from purchases, services and other expenses, while enjoying an option to invoice for expenses and get reimbursements. They can track bank and credit card expenses. Users will also have the ability to provide multiple reports which provide insight on the overall health of their business.

Perhaps the most important feature of this new product is the ability to help users stay on top of their business by making better and more informed decisions.

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