QuickBooks® and Peachtree® Users Can Get Rebates to $750 to Scale Up to Cougar Mountain

Published on September 16, 2004 in Computer Software, Technology


Boise ID (September 16, 2004) – QuickBooks® and Peachtree® users worried about the integrity of their accounting system as their business grows are getting a boost from Cougar Mountain Software.

For a limited time, Cougar Mountain is offering rebates up to $750 to QuickBooks® and Peachtree® users who take advantage of Cougar Mountain Accounting software’s fully featured accounting system. Click here for rebate claim forms and offer details..

As businesses grow, they may outgrow their accounting software. Transaction and account limits make it difficult to easily manage the business, and as employees are added, inadequate security features may even put the business at risk.

“At Cougar Mountain, we understand the need for secure, auditable software tools,” said Cougar Mountain Marketing Director Jim Stone. “Cougar Mountain has been providing high quality, fully-featured accounting software to small to mid-range businesses for over 22 years.” And this accounting system is affordable, starting at $1,599 for a single-user version.

However, changing accounting packages is not an easy decision. Cougar Mountain is making it a lot easier by offering rebates ranging from $100 to $750, depending on the current software edition, to QuickBooks® and Peachtree® users. Businesses who take advantage of the rebate can move to a single user fully-featured accounting system for under $1500.

Source: Cougar Mountain

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