MYOB AccountRight range wins PC User Best Buy

Published on June 21, 2010 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


MYOB’s AccountRight range has been awarded PC User’s Best Buy for Best Accounting Suite

Australia (June 21, 2010) –

Released in March this year, the MYOB AccountRight range gives business owners easier access to key information, more control and greater functionality.

MYOB CEO Tim Reed says the AccountRight range has been developed with a focus on providing business owners and managers with the information they need to make vital decisions, improve efficiency and build success.

“We’ve taken a fresh look at what businesses need and have further developed the AccountRight range to meet the changing needs of Aussie business owners,” explains Mr Reed.

“The whole MYOB team is extremely proud and excited to receive this recognition from PC User magazine. It’s testimony to our high quality business management products and services in Australia. We’ve helped over 1 million business owners focus on what they love. This AccountRight release is the latest dividend from our commitment to making business life easier for Aussie business owners.”

In fact, this is how AccountRight has helped make business life easier for one MYOB professional partner and his client…

Accountant John Godsall is an owner of a Jim’s Bookkeeping franchise in Melbourne. In 2009 he was the winner of Jim’s Bookkeeping Franchisee of the year for Victoria. John has been using AccountRight since the day it became available in March, with considerable success.

Using the new Business Insights dashboard, John was able to find $90,000 in outstanding invoices for one of his clients.For John, the biggest benefit of MYOB AccountRight is the new Business Insights dashboard.

“The dashboard provides a clear view of all outstanding invoices,” John says. “In one glance you can see every invoice and the balance due on it. However, instead of just saying 90 days plus it actually tells you how many overdue days there is on it.”

Using this tool, John noticed one of his clients had accounts which were over 250 days old and owing around 90 thousand dollars.

“Once we installed the new software and saw the amount owed, my client was shocked,” John says. “He didn’t realise how old the accounts were until it was clearly displayed in front of him.”

John believes that businesses shouldn’t underestimate the importance of cash flow.

“Cash flow is the key to any business,” he says. “You can function for a while without profit but without cash flow you won’t be going for very long, and with MYOB AccountRight your key business information is all there right in front of you.”

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