Intacct Launches Seven Industry-Specific Financial Management Suites

Published on November 21, 2006 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


Web-Based Business Solutions Available for Software, Services, Wholesale, Retail, Hospitality, Nonprofit and Franchise Companies

SAN JOSE, Calif. (November 21, 2006) –

Intacct Corporation, the leader in on-demand financial applications today launched seven industry-specific financial management suites. Delivered as a subscription service over the Internet, Intacct provides small and midsize businesses with preconfigured financial business processes for the software, services, retail, wholesale, hospitality, nonprofit and franchise industries.

In addition to transactional functionality, such as general ledger, accounts payable, order entry, project management and e-commerce, Intacct comes with executive dashboards that can be personalized to display role-based information for the CEO, CFO, VP of Sales and business managers. To investigate a specific transaction, users simply click the graphical chart on the dashboard, drill down in the transaction and download the source document. As business conditions change, Intacct’s customization and integration services give customers the power to add new software and update company-wide processes.

“Working closely with customers and partners in key industries, we have identified the essential functionalities and process flows required for each segment,” said Robert J. Jurkowski, CEO and president of Intacct Corporation. “One of the major tenants of software as a service is customers’ freedom of choice to build the enterprise applications they need to succeed in their specific markets. Combined with our customization and integration tools, Intacct’s industry suites give users the ideal solution to grow and profit. We will expand the number of industry editions as we build new functionalities and integrate additional partner solutions into Intacct.”

Available immediately, Intacct offers the following seven industry suites:

Intacct for Software Companies
A growing number of software companies pay a monthly subscription fee to access Intacct® for Software, an on-demand financial management suite developed specifically for application vendors that want to grow, profit and comply with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley. Overcome complex financial issues with revenue recognition, contract management and advanced billing features. Run your operations more effectively with Web-based project management. Ease your growth pains with multi-entity management and multi-currency consolidation. The ability to add users, applications and business units as you scale makes Intacct the last financial software you’ll ever need.

Intacct for Business Services Companies
Intacct combines project management, resource management and financial management in an on-demand enterprise solution that helps services companies profit by accurately estimating projects, delivering services on time and exceeding customer expectations–again and again. Our highly customizable business processes are tailored to your specific industry requirements and best practices. Revenue recognition and complex billing optimize your cash flow throughout the project lifecycle. Intacct® for Business Services is delivered as a monthly subscription service over the Internet, enabling your company and its people to share data, work closely with clients and make smart decisions faster.

Intacct for Wholesale Companies
Slimmer profit margins, fiercer price competition and growing cost pressures are forcing distributors to find new ways to improve the business processes around marketing and selling, taking orders and shipping, invoicing and supporting packaged wholesale goods. Intacct® for Wholesale addresses the needs of small and midsize wholesale companies in a wide range of segments, including food service and grocery, industrial and consumer goods, technology and healthcare.

Intacct for Retail Companies
Intacct provides online retailers with a perfectly integrated suite of Web-based financial management and e-commerce applications. With Intacct® for Retail, merchants have a turnkey solution to improve cash flow, optimize inventory management and ensure a great customer shopping experience. To combat big-box retailers, small and midsize merchants use Intacct’s financial management, order capture, fulfillment, inventory, payment processing, database management and reports generation. Customers pay neither for hardware nor software. The Intacct® for Retail suite is delivered as a monthly subscription service over the Internet and integrates to any Web site and Point-of-Sale (POS) device.

Intacct for Hospitality
Your job is to take care of guests. Our job is to take care of you. Intacct® for Hospitality, a Web-based financial, supply chain and business intelligences suite, is built to accommodate the most complex distributed hotel, restaurant and tourism services chains. Multi-entity management and consolidation support all your hotels and business units and enable you to run per-bed profitability reports, see live store-by-store comparisons and post intra and inter-company transactions. Add management and front desk systems and automatically synchronize date with each entry. With Intacct’s fine-grain user permission controls, staff can enter information for their specific departments, without accessing the rest of the system, giving you a secure real-time view of the entire operation.

Intacct for Nonprofit
Intacct provides a Web-based financial management solution designed to support your efforts to help people in need, drive awareness about issues or stand up against injustice. Whatever your mission, chances are your organization is strapped for funds and resources. Delivered as a service over the Internet, Intacct for Nonprofit offers accounting, purchasing, order entry and project management applications without the hassle and expenses of buying, installing and upgrading hardware and software. Powerful integration and customization services let you add critical applications, such as sales, marketing and membership management. Our multi-entity management and consolidation features make Intacct the only on-demand solution that lets you operate a network of discrete affiliates and fund-raising efforts with one single application suite.

Intacct for Franchises
Intacct provides a complete Web-based financial management suite developed specifically for multi-unit area developers and franchisees. With Intacct® for Franchises, you can set up, manage and consolidate multiple franchise units, each with its own account structure, business processes, currencies, taxes and regulatory requirements. Access accounting, order entry, purchasing, inventory, project management and business intelligence software on the Web for a low monthly subscription fee. Intacct’s customization, integration and management platform services make it easy to connect your existing business systems, such as POS, invoicing and royalty collection. Granular permission policies enable remote staff to securely enter sales receipts, purchase orders and expense reports online. Review key performance indicators, run store-by-store comparisons and track real-time transactions in graphs and charts on personalized dashboards. No hardware or software required, Intacct is affordable and ready to be deployed within weeks.

About Intacct Corporation
Intacct provides on-demand financial applications for more than 2,000 small and midsize businesses. Over 10,000 users from startups to public multinationals pay a monthly subscription fee to access the first SAS 70 Type II certified financial, supply chain, business intelligence and project management suite on the Web–which enables corporations to comply with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley. Together with its strategic business partners, Intacct also offers a wide range of enterprise software to help companies of all sizes run their entire operations with one integrated application suite. Intacct’s financial management system supports all your business units, each with its own account structure, business processes, currencies, taxes and regulatory requirements. The ability to add more users, applications, currencies and business units as you grow makes Intacct the last financial management suite you’ll ever need. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in Bangalore, India, Intacct is a privately held company funded by Deloitte & Touche, Emergence Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners and JK&B Capital.

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