Intacct Business Solution Provider Partner Program Gains Momentum with New Software as a Service Resellers

Published on September 17, 2008 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


New Resellers ACF Solutions, Business Intelligence101, Infoclad, FAOnDemand, InnoVergent, Software Solutions for Business, and Tripp Chaffin and Causey Further Fuel Already Rapid Growth

SAN JOSE, Calif. (September 17, 2008) –

Intacct, a leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications, today announced that it has signed eight new resellers into the Intacct Business Solution Provider partner program. Leading resellers ACF Solutions, Business Intelligence101, Infoclad, FAOnDemand, InnoVergent, Software Solutions for Business, and Tripp Chaffin and Causey have all joined forces with Intacct.

Intacct expects that the warm reception the Intacct Business Solution Provider program is receiving from the channel and the explosive demand for Software as a Service (Saas) financial applications will drive additional signups and fuel the expansion of Intacct’s reseller business to levels even higher than the 160 percent year over year growth that the company reported for its 2008 fiscal year, ended June 30, 2008.

“We are excited about our Business Solutions Provider partner relationship with Intacct,” said Paul Cammisa, managing partner at InnoVergent. “Since our first contact with Intacct, it was very apparent how much of a priority the BSP program is to Intacct’s overall growth strategy. Intacct’s commitment to partner success starts from the executive team and runs through the entire organization. The partner-friendly strategy further supported our decision to invest in our relationship. Our ability to support our clients and grow our business is enhanced tremendously as result of this partnership.”

These new Intacct partners are selling and implementing Intacct’s award-winning financial management applications either standalone or in conjunction with other applications, such as Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, Professional Services Automation and Human Resources solutions. They are also opening new vertical markets and driving the adoption of SaaS financial applications across North America.

“We have over 500 customers using SaaS applications, including Google Apps for email security and compliance. Our customers have embraced SaaS, and are demanding more mission-critical applications, including those for financial management, as they outgrow the functionality in QuickBooks,” said Kevin Lalor, president of Business Intelligence 101. “We looked at the market, and quickly realized that Intacct is the clear leader in the space and that they are focused on making their partners successful. We’re excited to be a part of the Intacct partner program and look forward to continuing to offer and support best-in-breed SaaS applications to our valued customers.”

“The Intacct Business Solution Provider program is a win-win-win proposition,” said Jerry Jalaba, vice president of channel sales for Intacct. “Customers win because they get great expertise, service and value from our partners coupled with the world’s best on-demand financial applications. Partners win because Intacct is easy to sell, makes their clients happy, and our program rewards them with a highly profitable ongoing revenue stream that gets richer as they grow faster. Intacct wins because happy customers and profitable rapidly expanding partners equate to triple digit growth for our business.”

“As a premier SaaS consultancy and implementation partner, ACF Solutions found Intacct to be a perfect fit for our customers’ on-demand financial requirements,” said Doug Sharpe, vice president of ACF Solutions. “We’re closing business today because the simple integration of Intacct MAX(TM) for Salesforce makes it a no-brainer to bring to our customer base.”

The Intacct Business Solution Provider Program is enabling partners to get up and running quickly selling and implementing Intacct solutions. The program features a low cost of entry, with no revenue minimums required. Partners are offered generous discounts on Intacct subscriptions that are tied to achievable annual revenue targets, and the partners own the relationship with their clients throughout the lifetime of the subscription.

Additional benefits of the program include:

* Marketing support including lead disbursement to partners, deal registration and opportunity teaming with Intacct’s direct sales team
* The opportunity to team with a channel-neutral direct sales team that is incented to support the partner selling process
* Recurring revenue streams, with consistent discounts throughout the life of each client’s subscription
* In-person intensive product training and certification, with additional web-based advanced training
* Dedicated sales and technical sales support and full product support
* Proven financial management applications that are pre-integrated with leading on-demand applications like Salesforce
* The ability to customize the Intacct applications, package intellectual property and leverage Intacct’s open web services to deliver vertical solutions
* Access to Intacct’s extended partner network of more than 100 best of breed software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, implementation partners, outsourcers, and certified public accountants
* Industry-leading Buy with ConfidenceSM customer success program to help ensure client satisfaction and high renewal rates

Intacct is intent on expanding its indirect channels to deliver more than 50 percent of the company’s revenue and to work with channel partners to significantly expand its footprint in the financial applications market. Intacct expects the Business Solution Provider partner program to eventually attract the top five to seven percent of the more than 10,000 companies that resell accounting, financial management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in North America.

The new partners were recognized at Intacct Advantage 2008, Intacct’s annual user and partner conference in San Jose, California. More information about the Intacct Business Solution Provider program can be found on Intacct’s Website at

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Intacct is a market and technology leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications. The company’s award-winning solutions are used by thousands of businesses, from startups to public companies, and are designed to improve company performance and make finance more productive. Intacct automates key business processes from order entry through cash collection and procurement through vendor payment. The Intacct system includes accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, inventory, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Web via Software as a Service. Intacct is the only on-demand financial management solution seamlessly integrated with As a company grows, Intacct’s deep and mature applications, SAS 70 Type II certification, and documented processes support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for public enterprises.

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