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Cougar Mountain Software announces the Version 12 release of its CMS Professional Accounting, FUND and Point-of-Sale lineup.

BOISE, IDAHO (July 27, 2007) –

Cougar Mountain Software announces the Version 12 release of its CMS Professional Accounting, FUND and Point-of-Sale lineup. This update includes a host of new features and specialized tools designed to give users more in-depth reports, tighter security, and better control over daily, time-consuming operations.

An example of how we’re making life easier for our customers is the creation of the Snapshot Report, Common-size Reports, and the Financial Analysis Report. Not only do these documents give owners and managers a synopsis of their business’ performance, all three provide the information required by banks or investors.

One of the key elements that went into the design of our latest version was direct feedback from our customers. After the release of Version 11 we conducted a survey to find out what functions our users felt the software lacked and created a Customer Advisory Panel to provide us more in-depth and detailed information on some of the features. From that feed-back we began to build Version 12.

Some of the new version highlights include:

* Snapshot Reports–are similar to dashboard reporting and will save hours upon hours of time compiling data. This allows the user to look at the “Business Condition” for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales (Point of Sale and Order Entry) and Inventory with the click of a few buttons. Each module provides different information along with charts and graphs, with the option to select specific information.

* Common-size Reports– an option that has been added to the GL Balance Sheet and Income Statements. This is an easy way for managers or business owners to see how their company has performed from the current and past year or time periods, or how it might compare to other companies within the same industry. This feature is great for comparing years of financials within industry averages and analyzing financial status.

* Financial Analysis Report–this report shows three years at a glance for comparison and analysis using the standard metrics and criteria that have evolved over the years in finance. It uses the data stored in the period file until it is purged.

* Compare Target Goals with Financial Status–users can use this new feature to compare their business’ financial goals with their current financial activity to see how they’re stacking up to their target. This report can also give owners and managers an idea of how their business is faring against averages in their industry.

* Create additional custom reports–separate and save custom reports modified from the originals in every module. In addition, users can have multiple custom variations of the same report–each with minor variations but able to show users completely and different information.

* Filter GL Spreadsheet Export Report–instead of exporting all information from the general ledger module, loading it into an excel document, and sorting through to find information, this feature allows users to ‘fine tune’ and locate the information before it’s exported. This cuts down on human errors and saves time when looking for specific data.

* Print Customer Statements from AR Customers Window–print one statement or closely monitor a single customer’s account.

* System-wide File Maintenance–reindexing one or more modules is a tiring process. With Version 12 we have created an option where users with the security rights can reindex all the modules with one click. An additional enhancement to this feature allows reindexing of all modules before backup and the backup can be stopped if the reindexing fails.

* Use Unapplied Payment Transaction Type–now users can cut a check to vendors or allow customers to pay for an invoice before it’s posted. This feature was specifically designed from Cougar Mountain customer’s feedback and allows the entering of unapplied payment transactions in Accounts Payable.

* E-filing now available–CMS Professional Payroll now offers e-filing through AATRIX eFile services. Now W-2s and state and quarterly tax forms can be filed electronically–and incredible time saver.

About Cougar Mountain Software ( Founded in 1982, Boise-based Cougar Mountain Software publishes accounting software, fund accounting software, and point of sale software and hardware. Cougar Mountain has provided the software answer for more than 20,000 national clients across a variety of key industries. Cougar Mountain is ranked among the industry’s top PC software developers in the nation.

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