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Cougar Mountain Software announces the Version 11 release of its CMS Professional Accounting Lineup

BOISE, IDAHO (November 06, 2006) –

Cougar Mountain Software announces the Version 11 release of its CMS Professional Accounting Lineup. This update includes a host of new features and specialized tools designed to give users more in-depth reports, tighter security, and better control over inventory. Highlights include:

* Access Custom Reports from within Cougar Mountain Software – Now the customized reports created within R&R Report Writer can be accessed from the report menus inside Cougar Mountain . Customized reports will also be accessible from a new Custom Options dropdown menu.
* Quicker Access to Frequently Used Reports – Popular reports are now available at easily accessible areas in the specific modules, as well as from the reports menu.
* Links to Open Other Programs or Files – Set up the new Custom Options dropdown menu to link to specific files or applications — for example, users can add a link that will open a new window to show a calculator, an Excel file, or a Word Document.
* Increased Security – Track point of sale transactions by user ID and batch numbers – a great security tool for tracking the activities of clerks.
* New Audit Trail Search Capabilities – Search by specific amounts or ranges, time periods, batch numbers and user IDs, to help track down details quickly and easily.
* Improved Register Security – Three new features have been added to improve register security, including limiting discount percentages, preventing clerks from deleting detail lines before saving, and preventing them from setting the quantity sold number to zero after collecting money from the customer.
* New Default Search Features – Set the default search criteria for the lookup searches, so you can click a lookup field and immediately start typing in the search information.
* Purchase Order Alert – This feature “alerts” users if the cost or price of an inventory item has increased since the last time it was ordered. This feature can help monitor inventory costs and adjust prices when costs increase to maintain optimal profit margins.
* New Reporting Date Range Options – Select date ranges like “last fiscal quarter,” “last week,” or “last fiscal year,” and Cougar Mountain will look up the dates from the periods previously specified and fill them in.
* New Sales Tax Report Option – This new sales tax code report breaks down the monetary amounts distributed into each tax level and displays the summary totals for the time period selected.
* New Retail Monthly Movement Report – This new monthly movement report shows changes in inventory and profit on a monthly and yearly time line. This report also shows Inventory movement over 12 months so anyone can accurately plan purchasing and see seasonal trends on a single report.
* New Bank Reconciliation Sorting – Sort by multiple variables to match bank records so checks can be listed in the same order in Cougar Mountain as they are on the bank statement, making reconciliation fast and easy.
* New Multiple Selection in Accounts Receivable – Similar to the feature in Accounts Payable Quick Pay, select multiple invoices to mark as paid, instead of just one at a time, saving time when receiving payments.
* Reformatted Payroll History Report – This report is reformatted for improved readability.

About Cougar Mountain Software
Founded in 1982, Boise-based Cougar Mountain Software publishes accounting software, software for nonprofit organizations, and point of sale software and hardware. Cougar Mountain has provided the software answer for more than 20,000 national clients across a variety of industries. Cougar Mountain is ranked among the industry’s top PC software developers in the nation.

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