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Published on August 18, 2009 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) has collaborated with Dundas Data Visualization to develop a timesaving financial dashboard for Cougar Mountain Software’s general ledger application, Cougar Dtails.

Boise, Idaho (August 18, 2009) –

Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) has collaborated with Dundas Data Visualization to develop a timesaving financial dashboard for Cougar Mountain Software’s general ledger application, Cougar Dtails.

CMS – a developer of accounting, nonprofit accounting and point-of-sale software solutions – wanted to address their customers’ request to access and view financial data in real time, so they created Cougar Dtails, a financial dashboard product.

The company researched the tools needed to create a link that would connect and grab the data between the general ledger and an outside source. In addition, CMS researched dashboard technology to present the data and discovered Dundas Data Visualization, a developer of advanced data visualization solutions, offering all of the tools and controls needed for the financial dashboard. With the combined strength and expertise of the two companies, Cougar Dtails was designed and built to work integrally with CMS’s next product upgrade release, CMS Professional 2010.

“Dundas went above and beyond our agreement requirements to help Cougar Mountain Software make a great new product,” said Brian Jennings, CMS Director of Product Management. “They exceeded our expectations and we are very excited for this new release.”

Troy Marchand, President of Dundas Data Visualization, responded with; “Working with leading-edge companies like CMS is always a pleasure for us. Their GL application was a perfect fit for our advanced controls and our consulting team was able to help produce the financial dashboard quickly and without difficulty.”

Cougar Dtails is a visual representation of company data within customized date ranges and can help users plan for the future by understanding their company’s financial health and the trends over time. MORE The dashboard consists of three different views:

* The Profit & Loss view (Revenue & Expense for nonprofit users) will illustrate income (revenue) and expenses over a period of time, and a look at net profit/loss.
* The Cash Flow view shows the relationship between cash and liabilities, which can help businesses make good cash management decisions.
* The Financial Indicators show at-a-glance how a company is performing compared to the previous year.

Cougar Dtails updates automatically each time the program is opened and users can set their own preferences for what they view on the screen. There is also the ability to drill down four levels in order to get the most specific breakdown of financial data.

This dashboard is a great tool and time saver when it comes to finding errors because it visually calls attention to inaccuracies and is user-friendly enough that non-accountant users will be able to navigate through its functions and screens easily.

With this first dashboard release and training on the technology from Dundas, CMS now has the ability to build additional module dashboards.

“Cougar Mountain led with the financial analysis dashboard because of the impact of the recession,” Jennings added. “We know that identifying trends and changes in finances is very important to all businesses right now and we wanted to start with a tool that could positively influence our users businesses now. We intend to come out with more dashboards in the future and those will be based on customer suggestions as well.”

About Dundas Data Visualization: ( Founded in 1992, Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in data visualization solutions for Microsoft technologies. The company’s outstanding success is reflected in its numerous industry awards and in the rapid adoption of Dundas Technologies by Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

About Cougar Mountain Software ( Founded in 1982, Boise-based Cougar Mountain Software publishes accounting software, fund accounting software, and point of sale software and hardware. Cougar Mountain has provided the software answer for more than 20,000 national clients across a variety of key industries, and prides themselves on supporting all of their software inside the United States.

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