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Latest Edition of Intacct Financial Management System Includes Debut of Intacct Insight, Hundreds of Client-Driven Enhancements, Breakthrough Service Offerings Focused on Client Success and New Disaster Recovery Capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif. (April 14, 2008) –

Intacct, a leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications, today unveiled Intacct Spring 2008, the latest edition of the Intacct financial management system. Intacct Spring 2008 is highlighted by the introduction of Intacct Insight(TM), which delivers real-time business visibility to any employee with a web browser and an Internet connection through new and improved web-based dashboards, interactive reports, analytics, Web 2.0 mashups and performance management.

“Intacct Spring 2008 extends our lead in on-demand financial management by focusing on what our clients and partners have told us they want and need,” said Mike Braun, president and CEO of Intacct. “Superior and deep financial applications, great financial visibility, reliable on-demand delivery and our relentless commitment to client success combine to make Intacct Spring 2008 a great leap forward for our clients and partners.”

Showcasing the rapid innovation that is possible with Software as a Service (SaaS), Intacct Spring 2008 includes more than 225 client- and partner-driven enhancements. Intacct releases new features and enhancements monthly, allowing clients to enjoy innovative new functionality significantly faster than what is possible with the multi-year release cycles of traditional on-premises financial applications. For example, new contract renewal automation features in Intacct Spring 2008 add to Intacct’s market-leading contract management, revenue management and revenue recognition capabilities.

Intacct Spring 2008 further improves on the already robust performance, availability and security delivered via Intacct’s partnership with IBM. New hardware and upgraded operations have allowed Intacct to average an industry-leading 99.97% availability, representing less than 30 seconds per day of unscheduled downtime. Through a new partnership with SunGard, Intacct Spring 2008 now includes guaranteed disaster recovery. In the unlikely event that IBM’s data center in San Jose, California, is destroyed, Intacct will restore service within 24 hours from SunGard’s Philadelphia disaster recovery facilities.

Intacct Spring 2008 is designed to deliver breakthrough reductions in time to value and total cost of ownership. New QuickStart Financials enable Intacct and its partners to speed deployments and deliver more business value to clients through re-usable industry templates. New fixed-price implementation services allow clients to deploy Intacct for a single, predictable fee, removing the financial uncertainty often associated with implementing new systems.

Introducing Intacct Insight(TM)
As the economy tightens, financial visibility becomes increasingly important. In a recent survey of finance executives at small and medium sized businesses, Intacct found that the majority of CFOs believe that measuring and monitoring business performance is more important today than one year ago1. The same survey also found that less than half of those CFOs feel their current financial management solution is doing a good or excellent job at providing this visibility.

Intacct Spring 2008 introduces Intacct Insight, which features Web-based dashboards and interactive reports, as well as alerts and Web 2.0 mash-ups to provide companies with real-time and secure business visibility for all employees. Intacct Insight is configurable by administrators or end-users without programming. Information is always live and up-to-date, and users can drill down into the underlying data to further understand how their business is performing.

Specific highlights of Intacct Insight include:

Enhanced On-Demand Performance Management – Intacct Insight allows clients and partners to define and publish key performance indicators across the business. Companies can also easily combine financial and operational information, such as room occupancy rates or staff utilization, in a dashboard or report to gain increased insight into how the company is performing.

Web 2.0 Mash-ups – users can link and embed other business applications, collaboration tools, financial resources, or news and consumer content in the same dashboard as their financial information – providing quick access to all the information that is important to them. For example, a business can deploy a single web-based dashboard across the company which includes a sales pipeline and forecast from, current financial and operational metrics from Intacct, performance vs. the business plan from Adaptive Planning, and relevant financial, company and competitor news from Reuters and Google.

Configurable Without Programming or IT – Intacct Insight is designed so business users and administrators can configure and use the system without programming or assistance from IT. Drag and drop interfaces and interactive wizards guide users through the process of creating dashboards, specifying reports, and creating analyses.

“With Intacct, we can now analyze data in ways we were never able to do before. We’ve even created Intacct reports and dashboards for non-financial statistical accounts, so we can monitor our contract and installation turnover rates and ensure we are continually operating at optimal levels,” said Brian Madigan, controller for Bulk TV and Internet, which specializes in offering DIRECTV and Dish Network packages for commercial properties such as hotels and apartment buildings. “As a result, Intacct not only helps us be more agile, but also enables us to be more strategic in our decision making.”

New Contract Renewals Automation
Intacct Spring 2008 extends Intacct’s market-leading contract management, revenue management and revenue recognition capabilities. For businesses with ongoing service or subscription contracts, such as firms in the software and services industries, Intacct helps streamline the contract renewal process by automatically scheduling and managing contract renewal activities. In addition, Intacct’s tight integration with allows upcoming contract renewals to be synchronized with Salesforce as sales opportunities. This enables sales and finance users to more easily collaborate to manage, forecast and maximize renewal revenue.

Upgrades to Intacct’s Buy with ConfidenceSM Program
In 2007, Intacct launched a ground-breaking program focused on client success called “Buy with Confidence.” The program makes explicit service level commitments to Intacct’s clients that cover items such as system up-time, professional services quality, and customer support responsiveness. With Intacct Spring 2008, the company has further extended its leadership position with new disaster recovery commitments.

Intacct has joined forces with SunGard to set up a disaster recovery center in Philadelphia. Should a major disaster, such as a massive earthquake, destroy the IBM data center in San Jose, California that hosts Intacct’s applications, SunGard and Intacct will restore the applications in SunGard’s disaster recovery center in Philadelphia within 24 hours. This new disaster protection is automatically provided to all Intacct clients, free of charge, as part of Intacct Spring 2008.

New Secure Access Control Provides Added Data Security
Intacct Spring 2008 extends Intacct’s already robust security framework by enabling administrators to restrict access to Intacct’s applications to a specific IP address or range of IP addresses. This prevents unauthorized entities from accessing the system, even if user names and passwords are compromised, by blocking access from unapproved locations on the Internet.

New Simplified Packaging: Intacct and Intacct Plus
Intacct Spring 2008 repackages the Intacct financial management and accounting system into two new and simplified packages. Intacct now includes financial and accounting applications including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management and Expense Management, plus Purchasing, Order Management, and Intacct Insight for dashboards, reporting, performance management and business intelligence.

Intacct Plus adds robust multi-entity management and real-time financial consolidation for businesses with multiple business units, subsidiaries, operating entities or franchises. Intacct Plus also delivers comprehensive multi-currency support, for businesses that transact in multiple currencies or operate in multiple countries. These features work together, so businesses can operate and transact independently, including in local currencies, but still be consolidated in real-time at the regional or corporate level.

Optional add-on applications for both Intacct and Intacct Plus include Contracts and Revenue Management, Inventory Management, Professional Services Automation and Intacct Max(TM) for, which provides complete order to cash integration between Intacct and Salesforce.

Breakthrough Offerings Deliver Added Value to Clients and Partners
Intacct understands that businesses need to get their financial systems up and running quickly and, more than ever, need to drive costs savings and capital preservation. Intacct Spring 2008 introduces several offerings that are designed to reduce the cost and risk of moving to a new financial system:

New Fixed Price Implementations – Intacct Spring 2008 ushers in new fixed price implementation services and standardized statements of work to further reduce the financial risk for businesses to adopt Intacct’s on-demand financial system. Intacct can now offer a single, guaranteed, fixed price for standard implementations, covering core financial applications, dashboards, reports, and analytics.

New QuickStart Financials – QuickStart Financials are designed to reduce the time it takes a business to go live on Intacct. QuickStart Financials include pre-packaged, best practices financial templates with built-in charts of accounts, workflows, reports, graphs, and dashboards to speed time to value. In addition, Intacct partners can deploy additional industry-specific templates, allowing them to package their business and industry expertise and quickly leverage it across many clients.

Pricing and Availability
Intacct Spring 2008 is available immediately. Pricing starts at less than $850 per month. Intacct Spring 2008 can be purchased directly from Intacct or through Intacct’s network of CPA, financial outsourcing and business solution provider partners.

About Intacct
Intacct is a market and technology leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications. The company’s award-winning solutions are used by thousands of businesses, from startups to public companies, to manage and share financial, supply chain, and professional services information. Intacct automates key business processes from order entry through cash collection and procurement through vendor payment. The Intacct system includes accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, inventory, purchasing, vendor management, project management, payroll, and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Web via Software as a Service. Intacct is the only on-demand financial management solution seamlessly integrated with As a company grows, Intacct’s deep and mature applications, SAS 70 Type II certification, and documented processes support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for public enterprises.

Intacct is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit or call 877-437-7765 or 408-878-0900.

1 Intacct survey of 327 finance executives at US-based businesses with less than 500 employees – conducted March 2008.
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