New small businesses often stumble when it comes to accounting and payroll software due to a somewhat steep learning curve. The new ezPaycheck 2011 Payroll Software from halfpricesoft.com was released in time to help small businesses and accountants handle recent tax changes.

With these recent changes to tax laws, the IRS asks that employers start using the new withholding tables and reducing the amount of Social Security tax withheld, as a result of President Obama’s new Tax Relief Act.

Dr. Ge, the creator of ezPaycheck Payroll Software 2011, says he has discovered that many small business owners often had one thing in common, regardless of their industry: they were afraid to touch new accounting applications and payroll software programs.

Ge says he was a programmer and consultant for more than 10 years and in that time he saw that often software programs were too big or too complex for the needs of small business owners.

Ge went to work on a simple, but effective program that’s easy-to-use and geared towards small business payrolls and payroll tax issues. He says that many accounting software programs are loaded with features that small businesses don’t need or never use.

It is not unusual for this software to retail for around $700. As a result, Ge priced his latest version ezPaycheck Payroll Software 2011 at just under $100.

The program is easy to use for owners who aren’t accounting or IT experts. Visitors can find checks, payroll supplies and free items, like invoice templates or packing slip templates, on the site.

Dr. Ge is so certain that small businesses and non-profits will see the benefits of ezPaycheck 2011 that Halfpricesoft.com offers a free trial for 30 days and consumers can try before they buy.

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