Ever looked at your pile of receipts and wondered what the heck you’re supposed to do about it? Lemon.com aims to help you with the formal launch of their cloud-based receipt and expense tracker for iOS and Android devices. Offering both free and paid services, Lemon.com gives you the tools to scan and upload your receipts to their site, helping you to better organize your expenses.

Lemon.com is more than just a place to store your receipts, however, as evidenced by their reporting features. Every small business has expenses they need to track, and sometimes that’s the hardest part of keeping your finances organized. With Lemon.com, all you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt, and they take care of the rest. At the end of the year, all your expenses are ready for tax time, thus saving you and your accountant a ton of headaches. It doesn’t have to be paper receipts, either; you can also forward your emailed receipts to your Lemon.com account, and the data is uploaded.

While their free service seems the most beneficial for individuals, they do have some paid services for business purposes, such as the custom reports and receipt exporting. Below you’ll see a breakdown of their pricing structure.

There are plenty of other online receipt tracking services, such as Expensify, Shoebox.com, and Keebo; so if Lemon.com doesn’t offer all the functionality your business needs, one of these other services is sure to have the features that you’re looking for. All three of these solutions offer reporting in addition to receipt tracking, and Expensify even syncs with QuickBooks. Like inDinero, which we talked about last week, Shoebox.com will take all your paper receipts, scan them, and upload the data for you, but you can also use your mobile phone to snap a picture of your paper clutter.

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