MoneyWorks has recently released it sixth version of accounting software. MoneyWorks is a multi-platform accounting solution that is more flexible, affordable and easier to use than its competitors.

Since its first release in 1992, the New Zealand-developed accounting software package has become a worldwide accounting benchmark for its ease of use and timely, relevant reporting by tens of thousands of businesses in over 60 countries.

The recent release is good news for small business owners who are seeking a better way to manage their accounting and financials on the Windows and/or Mac platforms.

First developed by Dr. Grant Cowie, of Cognito Software, the launch of MoneyWorks 6 is a more powerful, yet “business-friendly” accounting software. Cowie says that accounting software needs to do much more than just bookkeeping and compliance.

Cowie says that anyone who has ever used QuickBooks or MYOB will be familiar with the challenges of pulling meaningful data out of their accounting systems quickly, especially in the multi-user networked environment.

MoneyWorks is positioned as a powerful alternative to both systems, providing real-time ledger updates, a friendly, intuitive user interface and powerful reporting module, making the generation of reports and exporting data a breeze.

MoneyWorks delivers over 100 new features in four versions: MoneyWorks Datacentre for cash-based organizations, MoneyWorks Express for small businesses, MoneyWorks Gold for small to medium sized businesses and MoneyWorks Cashbook.

MoneyWorks 6 is available for purchase through all Apple Stores, your local Apple Reseller, as well as Harris Technology Stores.

Following the 2009 release of MoneyWorks in Australia, the software has been well-received within the Australian SMB sectors and Dr. Cowie stresses users don’t need to be an accountant or computer guru to operate the new MoneyWorks 6.

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