Cognito Software has launched MoneyWorks 6 as their latest business-friendly accounting software designed to work across both Windows and Mac platforms, like previous versions.

The New Zealand-developed accounting software package has been used by tens of thousands of businesses and advisers in 70 countries. MoneyWorks was first released in 1992 and has since become a world-wide accounting benchmark.

There are several specific advantages in using the new MoneyWorks 6 version for your business as the accounting software. MoneyWorks now provides better information to help you make better decisions. There are accurate and timely financial and management reports for in-depth analysis and forecasting. It allows you to really get to know your business.

MoneyWorks protects the integrity of your data. It provides concrete audit trails and more complete compliance for auditing and reporting. The audit trails are built in and immutable, which will really be appreciated by your accountant. The solution also delivers fast performance and is more intuitive compared to other accounting systems. Time is money and you don’t want your accounting system to slow you down.

MoneyWorks provides cost savings due to its efficiency of use, no company limits, comprehensive documentation, and a fully-compatible product line and cross-platform support.
The solution also delivers flexibility so that your managers can structure their accounts to match the structure of the businesses and it is simple to switch from virtually any system to MoneyWorks 6.

With dedicated trainers, users can settle in well. In addition, MoneyWorks operates across Mac and Windows. Users can share data files between platforms or have Mac and Windows computers accessing the same server.

MoneyWorks delivers over 100 new features in four different versions. They are MoneyWorks Datacentre, MoneyWorks Gold, MoneyWorks Express and MoneyWorks Cashbook.

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