Home Builders have long been looking for tools to improve the way their business runs. For more than 15 years, HomeFront Software has set the pace for software innovation as a provider of essential construction management tools.

At this year’s recent Builders Show hosted in Las Vegas, there was quite an audience of small residential home builders who were taking a serious look at affordable construction management software.

HomeFront Software offers Job Simplicity, which can be integrated into existing QuickBooks accounting software. Builders have immediate access to the information needed and the product is typically up and running in one day.

Job Simplicity gives the builder the ability to manage and track workflow and daily operations, enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Job Simplicity consultants at the recent show reported that the growing interest by residential home builders is driven by the need to get a better handle on construction-specific workflows and to eliminate inefficiencies.

The program will help them to refocus their businesses in order to compete effectively in an industry that has seen tremendous change over the last few years.

Job Simplicity provides homebuilders with a complete construction management software solution plugs right into QuickBooks or Simply Accounting and delivers estimating, job costing, and scheduling capabilities designed specifically for small residential homebuilders.

A single entry carries all the way throughout the system and right into QuickBooks or Simply Accounting, thus eliminating wasteful duplicate data entry, errors, reports that are out of sync, and other problems typically found in residential construction contracting.

HomeFront Software is based in Calgary, Canada and is a leader in home builder management solutions which provides builders of all sizes with the real-time information necessary to make business decisions to maximize their profits.

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