Unit4 Accounting Software Review

Over 3,000 companies and organizations in 100 countries deploy Agresso Business World for both operational support and strategic management. The company’s role-based, Web Services and Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled solutions include: Financial Management, Human Resources and Payroll, Procurement Management, Project Costing and Billing, Reporting and Analytics, Business Process Automation, and Field Services and Asset Maintenance.

UNIT4 Business Software in North America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UNIT4, a $517 million enterprise resource planning (ERP) company and a top six mid-market ERP software player globally. UNIT4 Business Software’s leading ERP product for organizations living in change, Agresso Business World, is widely acknowledged as the business software solution that delivers the lowest Total Cost of Change.
This is achieved thanks to its VITA™ architecture which allows for an unlimited amount of ongoing, post-implementation changes without the typical external IT costs and intervention that nets billions of dollars in revenue to the market leaders.

Unit4 Key Products:

  • Agresso Businees World
  • Unit4 CODA

Unit4 CODA Key Features:

  • Organizations are increasingly building or buying specialized software to stand out in the marketplace and to escape the trappings of big, cumbersome ERP systems. Meanwhile, the changes brought on by the economic downturn and regulatory environment have pushed ordinary accounting systems well past their limits, causing financial managers to rely more heavily on manual workarounds and elaborate spreadsheets.
  • All this means your company can’t compete effectively, using a generic ERP system and substandard financial applications. Companies can no longer compromise – users need great operational applications and great financial systems. This is the best-of-class application approach.
  • With Coda Financials, users can buy or build their own specialized applications and use Coda Financials as an accounting plug-in or a centralized financial hub. The CODA Link™ architecture allows you to easily connect best-of-class applications, of all types, in a federated approach using our web services. Your business is then free to concentrate on adding value to your specialized systems, while simultaneously benefiting from a great financial software package.
  • As companies look to decrease transaction costs, reduce overhead and consolidate cash management activities, interest in shared services has accelerated. Shared accounting service operations require three primary capabilities:-
  • Rich, multicompany, multichart, multicurrency and multicultural software functionality found in only the best financial software.
  • The ability to easily integrate to a potpourri of operational systems
  • The ability to simultaneously accommodate this diverse financial and technical environment from a single instance.
  • The very nature of this environment dictates a best-of-class approach. The application set is finite (finance only), the functional barriers are very high and the ability to co-exist concurrently with a variety of operating applications is critical. On the other hand, an ERP platform in this environment is a poor fit at best. By definition, shared services operations don’t need the myriad of applications provided by an ERP platform, so the platform itself is nearly useless. Furthermore, the proprietary and inward focus of an ERP platform architecture can be difficult to intermingle with other applications, without extensive and expensive modification. In short, ERP is a duck out of water in this environment.

Unit4 CODA Select Customers:

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Gregory Poole Equipment, IKEA, LIN Media, Maher Terminals, Secura Insurance, US Oil