Microsoft Dynamics SL Review

Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers easily customized Microsoft accounting software for business-specific needs. Deployed in single or multiple company scenarios, Microsoft Dynamics SL enables users to retrieve the comprehensive business information necessary to financial management. Through native support of e-business functionality, critical information is securely extended to any user, anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Key Features

  • Accounts Payable – Keep precise information about due dates, money owed, and existing discounts. Accounts Payable is a comprehensive and flexible way to intelligently track and make the most of terms and discounts, forecast cash requirements, and observe payments.
  • Accounts Receivable – Dynamically manage customer accounts and recognize difficulties before they happen. Flexible, integrated functions deliver thorough information and reporting to regulate receivables and do what’s necessary to augment cash flow and increase profitability.
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Currency Manager – Manage global business effortlessly, whether using one currency with plans to increase, or whether your company already functions in multiple currencies. Integrate transaction handling across Microsoft Dynamics SL to follow exchange-rate fluctuations, ascertain potential gains and losses, and take full advantage of multinational business returns.
  • General Ledger – Capture and explore financial information in order to improve business decisions with adaptable, integrated proficiencies that allow you utilize your accounting processes to the fullest extent.
  • Multi-Company – Scrutinize, evaluate, and report on multiple companies within your business. Dedicated and flexible capabilities assist in setting up several companies in multiple databases, close books, run processes, and relate findings by company.
  • Cash Manager – Boost cash accounting accuracy, achieve instant access to up-to-date cash balances, and systematize bank reconciliation. Microsoft Dynamics SL Cash Manager is routinely updated when such updates are issued by other modules.
  • Application Server
  • Financial Statement Translation – Isolate, appraise, and eliminate the effect of currency fluctuations on business operations. This adaptable and integrated module dramatically expands month-end close processes.
  • Advanced Payroll – Microsoft Dynamics SL Advanced Payroll assists in calculating actual labor costs, meeting time-sensitive government reporting, implementing flexible deductions and benefits, and paying employees correctly and punctually.
  • Payroll and Direct Deposit – Ensure that payroll and benefits management is an effortless, anticipated, and well-timed procedure, helping you operate faster, smarter, and cost-effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Accounting Software Products

  • Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL Key Customers

TWP Projects, RJ Lee Group, BMI Defense Systems, MacKay & Sposito, Lifeworks, David Evans and Associates, Gillespie Prudhon & Associates, KDA Holdings, CALIBRE, Alpha Development, Commonwealth Engineering and Construction, InScope Solutions, Texeleco, Phoenix International, Cramer, OmniVue Business Solutions