Intuit QuickBooks 11 Review

Founded in 1983, Intuit has become one of the top providers of small business and finance software. Leveraging their past success with Quicken, Intuit quickly established QuickBooks as a market leader in accounting software, with revenue topping $2.6 billion.

Intuit maintains a commitment to revolutionize the way people run their small business accounting and finances. Intuit’s product lines have helped business owners and individuals manage their finances and taxes with confidence, and Intuit’s line of products- Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax- have become staples of American small business.

While they have grown a reputation for helping small businesses with Intuit QuickBooks, they have extended their products to include large enterprises. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, large organizations can leverage a powerful and flexible accounting software package, for thousands less than other sophisticated accounting software solutions.

QuickBooks is an ideal solution for small business, and QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software fits the needs for fast-growing small businesses and mid-size companies. QuickBooks is available in several editions such as, manufacturing and wholesale, nonprofit, professional services, and retail.

Inuit Accounting Solutions

  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11

Highlights of Intuit QuickBooks

Intuits strong accounting and finance product line reaches over 22 million customers with almost 5,000 employers in 13 states and four countries. Intuit has been recognized as America’s most-admired software company for two consecutive years.

Key Features of QuickBooks 11:

  • Reporting and Finances
  • Inventory
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Sales and Customers
  • Purchasing and Vendors
  • Payroll and Employees
  • Security and Productivity

New Features of QuickBooks 11

  • Users can work in two company files at the same time
  • Allows for inventory to be tracked in multiple locations through the Advanced Inventory Add-on
  • Provides improved custom reporting
  • Enhanced built-in reports
  • Includes additional combined reports
  • Users can create a template and invoice customers once or in a batch
  • Customers can be quickly prioritized using the customer snapshot
  • Helps users manage account receivables within the collection system
  • Streamlines additional business processes as well

Select Intuit Customers:

Don Shula’s Steak Houses, South Bay Boat Yard, North American Electric Motors, Pollution Control Financing Authority, Bubbles Car Wash, Lil’ Guys Foods