Happen Business Accounting Software

Happen Business Pty Limited is an Australian founded company committed to commercializing, developing, and selling its business application, Jim2 Business Engine. The original system, created out of a need for a better business software solution, was developed in 1990 by Paul Berger and the staff at P2 Computing Pty Limited. As the core product of Happen’s business software, Jim2 Business Engine provides both a full accounting back-end and a front-end interface that helps in managing business workflow, processes, and provide a quality system framework. With its Jim2 Business Engine, Happen Business integrates all of your business operations from ERP to accounting.

What Happen Business Can Do

In the Jim2 Business Engine’s accounting solution, you get a Live General Ledger which compiles all the latest information in your accounts, ensuring that everyone is on the same page at all times. Detailed productivity reporting is also available for any given time period, and live drill-down workflow overviews gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s going on at any given moment. So rather than looking at reports months from now, trying to figure out how your company got to where it is, the Jim2 Business Engine allows you to track those changes every day, mapping out the arc of your business operations clearly and effectively.

Satisfied Customers

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Happen Business Accounting Software Product(s)

  • Jim2 Business Engine

Product Key Features

  • Live General Ledger
  • Debtors and Creditors
  • BAS calculation (Accrual or Cash)
  • Analyze Profit and Loss
  • FIFO Stock Control
  • Balance Sheet onscreen by day, week, month, quarter, yearly or total
  • Multicurrency
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • Comprehensive GST Reporting

Happen Business Accounting Software Technology

Happen’s Jim2 Business Engine does not stop at producing financial information. The whole Jim2 Business Engine process begins with establishing your business practices, then managing your workflow and resources. Completing the process is comprehensive results and profit reporting, thus giving you a complete view of your business work cycle. It not only provides the traditional account information at all accounting software has, but it also assists in running your business.

Bottom Line

The Jim2 Business Engine goes beyond just producing financial results and helps you run your business on an integrated, multi-user platform that can be tailored for any industry. Rather than rely on separate applications, the Jim2 Business Engine combines every aspect of your business workflow, including sales, customer service, quoting, invoicing, financials, and more.