Exact Accounting Software Review

Exact started serving the entrepreneurial world with information technology in 1984. The company has grown from a student start-up to a global solution provider, and their entrepreneurial roots are a constant reminder that adding value for our customers is what they’re here for. With approximately 2,400 employees in 40 countries, Exact serves over 100,000 local and international companies in more than 125 countries and provide our business software solutions in more than 40 languages.

Servicing entrepreneurial businesses is at the heart of Exact’s operations. Exact takes pride in understand enterprises’ mindsets, how they collaborate within their business community, and the structure they need to achieve results.

With this knowledge they provide software solutions that support every business activity and give real-time insight into the entire business. This gives customers the freedom to successfully address challenges and opportunities, creating value for their customers and ultimately for themselves.

Exact Accounting Products:

  • Exact Globe

Exact Accounting Software Key Features:

  • Exact Globe is a versatile ERP business solution that caters to the needs of distributors and quick-turn, discrete, light manufacturing businesses.
  • Exact Globe focuses on delivering innovative value to organizations from $5 million to $100 million in revenue, as well as, large parent organizations (LPO) around the world.
  • Exact Globe is a real-time system that integrates your entire financial and administrative infrastructure. All transactions – financial, logistics, HRM, sales management, projects and production – are contained in a single central data source. Globe provides a consistent and intuitive interface, with built in workflow capabilities and includes features such as advanced warehouse management, EDI and an extensive Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) to extend the application beyond traditional uses.
  • Exact Globe key financial modules include budgeting, cash flow management, general ledger, assets, compliance management and auditing/controlling features.

Exact Technology:

Exact Globe is based on Microsoft technologies and uses Microsoft SQL as the database and can be integrated with Microsoft Office 2007 to extend the document management capabilities.

Select Exact Customers:

Armour Valve, UFP Technologies, DHS Systems, EMTEQ, Davis Controls, Baker Triangle, Dover Industries, Biosensors International, Saint Gobain, Teledyne Continental Motors, Credit Union of Nova Scotia, M&M Pump and Supply