Everest Software Review

Everest Accounting Software within Everest Advanced is made to help small and medium sized companies gain visibility into their accounting processes. Everest Accounting is fully integrated across a company and is designed to help companies reduce the amount of time spent on accounting related tasks.

Everest  software is designed to help companies with five to 100 employees to automate business processes.  Founded in 1994, Everest Software currently has over 3,000 customers in 49 countries.

Everest Software Key Products:

  • Everest 5.0

Everest Accounting Software Key Features:

  • Accounts Receivable: helps companies track all receivables to help accurately manage cash while also providing reports on receivables that are past due. Also, Everest Advanced can be configured to automatically prevent orders from being accepted if the customer is over their credit limit or are past due.
  • Accounts Payable: is designed to help companies sort through payables by those that are coming due or those offering term discounts on payments.  Companies can also match purchasing, receiving and payables to reduce the time spent reconciling accounts.
  • Audit Trails: maintains a trail of changes made to the general ledger so if any discrepancies arise, the problem can be traced back to the user who entered the data. Also, every transaction is linked to either a customer or vendor to help ensure general ledger entries match the corresponding accounts.
  • Segmented Charts of Accounts: companies can segment the chart of accounts into  many combinations to best suit their needs.
  • Scheduled Reports: users can design and publish periodic reports that are automatically generated.
  • Integrated with CRM: helps maintain communication between a company and its customers, helping to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Tax and Purchas Tax Management: is designed to help eliminate errors made in reporting sales tax by automatically applying the correct tax rate to a transaction.
  • Multiple Control Accounts: users can create multiple accounts in standard accounting categories like receivables, payables, inventory and customer advances to create a more accurate report of how locations are performing.
  • Multi-currency Support: allows users to track numbers in their preferred currency while completing invoices in their customers preferred currency and can adjust for currency fluctuations.
  • Job Costing: helps companies analyze each job to determine profitability. Job codes can be automatically assigned to new transactions to ensure tracking is correct.

Select Everest Software Customers:
Atlantic Tactical, ChefShop.com, Planet Shoes, Miles of Golf, Fischer Skis, Gunther Gifts, OFM Inc