Acclivity Accounting Software

Originally part of MYOB Ltd., Acclivity is a distributor turned developer. Located in Rockaway, New Jersey, Acclivity focuses on small business software applications, developing, marketing, and supporting their own products. The founders of Acclivity first purchased MYOB in the US in December of 2005, hoping to create a more localized focus for the company. Wanting to expand beyond the distribution of MYOB products, Acclivity turned towards developing its own product line in November of 2008 by purchasing MYOB’s US development company. Acclivity’s current selection of products (AccountEdge, Checkout, and FirstEdge) is a result of that change in direction.

What Acclivity Can Do

AccountEdge is a premium accounting solution for both Mac and Windows based business operations, compatible with all the latest updates. You can run your own payroll, manage your inventory, do complete bookkeeping, and even switch all of your information over from QuickBooks. Acclivity also offers a variety of optional add-ons for AccountFirst for those businesses that wish to expand the functionality of their software. Acclivity’s FirstEdge is a small business accounting software solution available for both Mac and Windows that helps you manage banking, sales, ledger entries, billing, etc. You can use it in customer, jobs, and items tracking; and since it is meant for small businesses, FirstEdge does away with the more advanced features that such companies have no use for, instead focusing on providing a way to create quotes, invoices, banking integration, and do-it-yourself accounting.

Acclivity Accounting Software Products

  • AccountEdge
  • FirstEdge

Product Key Features

  • Progress Billing
  • Payroll Management
  • Sales and Purchase Action Buttons
  • Invoicing
  • Web Store Setup Window
  • Web Order Indicator
  • Item Sales Import/Export
  • AccountEdge Mobile
  • Time Tracker
  • PDF Engine
  • Read-Only File Setting
  • Print Checks
  • Electronic Payements
  • Time Billing

Acclivity Accounting Software Technology

AccountEdge is an on-premise accounting software solution that is easily installed on any business system, whether you run on a Mac or Windows.

Bottom Line

All of Acclivity’s products are available on both Mac and Windows, thus giving all small businesses the ability to utilize their products. Since their focus is on small businesses, their software is specifically tailored to assist in those operations. They also make it easy to switch from QuickBooks to AccountEdge, providing the tools to import all of your QuickBooks information into AccountEdge. In addition to offering 30 days of introductory support, Acclivity has a comprehensive forum and FAQ to help guide you through your new software, as well as a free copy of AccountEdge available for your accountant.