Researching accounts receivable software can be time consuming, and knowing what best fits your environment requires due diligence in your process. Cougar Mountain accounts receivable software offers the best resources for keeping track of information from your customers. Not only does it keep a record of customer charges, as well as payments, it allows you to keep notes on any transaction, look up the customer by name, customer number, phone number, or company using the rapid look-up functions. You can also set boundaries within the program for an individual customer profile.

Benefits of Cougar Mountain Accounts Receivable Software

With Cougar Mountain Accounts Receivable Software you can endorse credit limits and mark whether a particular customer receives a personal discount on specific products. There isn’tanother solution available that gives you this clear picture of customer spending patterns or tells you where the money is flowing throughout your business. Since all Cougar Mountain modules are integrated, it’s not necessary to put in the customer data number more than once. Once it’s in the system, all information is available to all departments.

Cougar Mountain Accounts Receivable Offers High Performance

Cougar Mountain Accounts Receivable Software also always stays current with the latest versions of their software since regular service packs updates are sent to you directly, helping you take advantage of new functionality when it becomes available. You can also access and receive discounts on other services as well, such as new versions of product releases. The Software Assure plans available from Cougar Mountain are also reasonably priced and ready to integrate into your network.

Is Cougar Mountain Accounts Receivable Software Right For You?

Cougar Mountain accounts receivable software is built using the Microsoft SQL Server technology, which you can customize to fit your accounting purposes with the help of their in-house software team, who can modify it based on the size and quality of your server. This platform allows you to mix and match their modules to fit your budget and your business needs. The software enables multiple users to operate throughout the same network and can be deployed in your multi-location environment to handle high volumes of transactions. Cougar Mountain accounts receivable software scales to accommodate larger numbers of users and can supervise millions of your inventory items.

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