Will the New Sage Accounting Products for Small Businesses Sweep the Market?


Sage accounting products have long been a powerful suite of solutions for those operating in the enterprise space. If your company falls more accurately in the small- to medium-sized business space, you may be accustomed to looking to basic office applications to solve your needs.

This may no longer be necessary as Sage is now developing solutions targeted specifically for the SMB space. One strong move for the company was the release of the Sage Simply Accounting Pro 2011. This software package, which is available through TechSoup Global, benefits nonprofits and libraries.

Partnership Extends Sage Accounting for Your Benefit

For a number of years, TechSoup Global has been bringing technological empowerment to nonprofit organizations so they can benefit from the same advances that are leveraged in the commercial sector. Sage accounting can lend considerable value in the nonprofit, yet not all nonprofits can justify the cost of implementation.

With the turn in Sage’s strategy to appeal to the smaller business, and TechSoup’s efforts to get this technology to nonprofit organizations at a much lower cost, greater access to Sage accounting and other platforms is now available. Even for the SMB that may not be able to benefit from TechSoup Global, the design of the Sage accounting platform still makes sense as it delivers the functions and capabilities necessary for streamlining accounting practices within the small business.

Sage Accounting Built for the Small Business

Chances are you do not have an accountant on staff to manage your small business financial software. You may have a person in the role of keeping the books, but he or she is not specifically trained for this task. Sage Simply Accounting is ideal for that non-accountant, the individual who is learning on the fly.

The software platform is designed so that it not only delivers powerful results, but is also easy to learn. This allows that the person in the role of accountant to quickly gain the control, accuracy and information necessary to stay focused on executing financial strategies, allowing you to stay focused on running the overall business more efficiently.

The Language Approach in Sage Accounting

One of the reasons Sage accounting is gaining so much strength in the small business market is that it is the only software for accounting for the small business available in Canada that is fully bilingual in both French and English. In the U.S., Sage accounting is the only platform available in both English and Spanish. By embracing the changes within the market and understanding the need to appeal to multi-lingual sectors, Sage accounting has positioned itself well and is sure to find solid standing in broader markets.

Even as a small business, your company is likely thinking big and Sage accounting is perfectly aligned with companies focused on growth. The company’s platform can easily scale according to your needs, ensuring you have access to all the accounting tools you need as you grow. Given this functionality and Sage’s ability to appeal to the needs of the customer, the small business sector is likely to see widespread adoption of its accounting solutions.

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