Why Banks and Brokerage Houses All Over the World Trust Financial Software Systems


“Brilliant Performance in Financial Technology” is the Financial Software Systems motto. This motto came from their long track record of satisfied  customers and their dedication to the performance of their financial management system. They are not going to get into warehouse management software or enterprise resource planning software, but they are devoted to Treasury Management and Capital Markets software. This niche market covers all banking and brokerage companies out there. Not that Financial Software Systems is the only option, but they are a very highly regarded option. Their mission is to be the best, to develop the best financial accounting software, support, and service to their customers, and to meet and exceed all client expectations.

Financial Software Systems Breadth of Products

The number of software programs are continuously changing as Financial Software Systems finds that it’s able to meet more needs within the financial service community. Most all of their products have the brand name “Spectrum” on it, but there is way more than one option. Some of their products are directed at brokers, some at branch offices, some at those that handle people with significant wealth, as well as foreign exchange markets. Throw in the front office, back office and warehouse products, and there really is not much that Financial Software Systems cannot handle. Finally, as will be discussed below, all of these products can be customized to meet your unique needs. They will not try to talk you into something and will work with you to help you get the most out of their software.

Financial Software Systems Depth of Support

Unlike the majority of their competitors, Financial Software Systems actually develops and maintains all the software they sell. That means that nobody else is better suited to answer questions you may have, so you don’t need to go somewhere else for help. They also can help customize and configure the software for you while they install the software and then train you on how to use it. The important part of support that is sometimes missed by other companies is their unique focus on partnership. They understand that you know your business and they know software. Software is easier to customize, so Financial Software Systems does just that for its clients. Finally, they will not only help you go live with your implementation, but they will then assign you a Client Account Manager to be your liaison and handle problems themselves, or escalate them to the proper people within the company.

Financial Software Systems Technology

Finally, the technological prowess of the Financial Software Systems product line needs to be understood. All of their products allow you to make real-time and actual reality, and these processes flow from the front office to the back office and everywhere in-between. This is realized by making their products with .NET-connected software. These improvements in the software mean that your people will work more efficiently and allow less time to be wasted on manual work. Every item you could need handled, Financial Software Systems software can handle it for you.

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