Which iPhone Accounting Apps are Useful for SMBs?


Regardless of the size of your business, your role or your accounting needs, it’s likely you have identified the extended capabilities available for mobile devices. Developers have focused in on specific accounting apps for the iPhone that not only deliver value, but also enable you to extend your reach outside of your office. After all, what is accounting software but an app you use on your computer?

There are three iPhone accounting apps worth examining to determine if they fit your needs. Take the time to identify what you need out of a mobile app and then take a test drive of each one, comparing its capabilities against your needs.

iPhone Accounting Apps by XpenseTracker

XpenseTracker was named a must-use iPhone accounting app for 2010 by MSN. Their software is consdierd to be easy to use and full of features that are designed to deliver benefit for your company. The all inclusive iPhone accounting apps cover everything from expense tracking to reporting. This iPhone accounting app is not limited to mobile devices, extending to your desktop computer for seamless use. This app supports email, file exporting, expense logging, customized reports, frequently used lists for expenses and more. Customization is a must with iPhone accounting apps and this one won’t disappoint.

iPhone Accounting Apps by MoneyWell

MoneyWell is another accounting application designed for the iPhone. The new iPhone accounting apps make it easy to take advantage of a convenient accounting platform that allows you to track activity and financial performance on the go. Because all information available in this app is in real time, you can more easily make decisions based on your current financial standings. The iPhone accounting apps by MoneyWell were designed for quick data entry, enabling you to make purchases quickly and easily. The iPhone accounting app was designed to work alone or in conjunction with MoneyWell for Mac. This app also offers a bucket list to show you your exact available funds at any given time.

iPhone Accounting Apps by Expense & Budget

As much as you would like to eliminate travel as a business expense, it is a necessary evil and one that must be tracked. Expense & Budget is focused on tracking your business trip expenses. This app offers a built in fuel economy tracking device for figuring your mileage, fuel and other travel-related expenses on a daily basis. The iPhone accounting apps offered by Expense & Budget are designed to be current, offering capabilities such as tip calculators, currency converters, report creation, and much more. This accounting app is also customizable to your exact travel needs, eliminating the complexities of a standard, out-of-the-box platform.

iPhone Accounting Apps Make Sense

The volume of available features the iPhone accounting apps bring to the table make them a powerful solution that can deliver real value for your company. In your search for the best fit for your company, start with the top three mentioned here before extending to other options. It may not be as comprehensive as accounting software online, but they’re definitely useful for an on-the-go type of businessman. Once you find the perfect fit you will likely find yourself hooked on the mobility you enjoy with the iPhone accounting apps.

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