Which Exact Software is Right For Your Business?


You have a lot to manage in your entrepreneurial business to focus on your core competencies and drive profitability. To ease the process, software and other technology implementations are often a priority. The challenge is to identify the right software solutions to meet your needs. Exact Software offers a full range of solutions to drive streamlined processes and provide complete visibility across multiple platforms. Exact Software focuses primarily on business process optimization, but also offers solutions customized according to industry or region. Read on to find the solution that works best for you.

Exact Software – Looking for Synergy?

If you need a centralized approach to mission critical information, Exact Software offers the Exact Synergy solution set. This Web-based application brings your financial, CRM and human resources into one view. This package is designed specifically to scale along with your company, bringing together all information about your finances, clients and workforce into one centralized location. By centrally managing your data stream, you have all business process information in one application, allowing for faster decision making so you can speed time to market and readily respond to customer needs.

Exact Software Takes You Around the Globe

If you already have a centralized approach to your business processes, but need a more integrated approach to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) activities as you cater to a global client base, Exact Software offers the Exact Globe. This business process platform enables you to integrate all processes into one solution for your international business. With an ERP bent on this platform, you can easily integrate your sales, service and financial data into one platform with one view. If your target market is located throughout the world, Exact Globe is structured to ease the process of consolidating disparate data so you can more effectively compete.

Exact Software Takes a Regional Approach

Outside of the Synergy and Global solutions from Exact Software, the company has developed a line of products to cater specifically to the enterprise located in designated parts of the world. An online bookkeeping solution allows for a financial management system and business administration for those located in Belgium and the Netherlands. Companies in the Americas can leverage Exact JobBOSS for high-tech job shop capabilities.

Payroll support is provided for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Germany. Simplified ERP to cater to specific industries is available in the Americas, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Companies in the Americas can leverage intelligent data through business analytics and large companies in The Netherlands can benefit from a best-of-breed financial software.

Knowing What Exact Software to Choose

Your location can dictate the Exact Software solution available to meet your needs. If you want to take a centralized approach to catering to your domestic clients, Exact Synergy is a powerful option. If you cater to a global market and need deep integration across all departments to drive value with your ERP platform, Exact Global is a better fit. All other Exact Software options depend upon your location, size and your industry, but the common denominator is entrepreneurial company Exact Software aims to serve.

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