Which Accounting Solutions Should You Consider?


When looking to use a new accounting solution to help manage your finances, the process can seem overwhelming. Not only are there many great solutions being offered, but they all have similar features. If you are looking for help with your small or midsized business, Acclivity AccountEdge, Numia and Compiere open source accounting solutions are a good place to start in your search.

Acclivity AccountEdge Accounting Solutions

AccountEdge accounting solutions by Acclivity is the perfect solution for a small business. By providing software for Mac and Windows users, they have opened up a new window of opportunities for their clients. For Mac users, AccountEdge allows you to prepare quotas and create sales, run reports, manage banking basics and process credit cards, right from your computer.

The Windows version also has many great features. Although it is a little more expensive than AccountEdge for Mac, you are definitely getting what you pay for. Not only can you manage bookkeeping, accept credit cards and run payroll like the Mac version, but AccountEdge for Windows also allows you to manage inventory. Even though your data doesn’t automatically sync, you can do it all from your iPhone or mobile device. AccountEdge accounting solutions were devised to fit all of your basic needs, but it is worth noting that they are still lacking in the customization department, so many of the forms are very vague.

Numia Accounting Solutions

Numia accounting solutions is another system designed for small businesses. Even though it is free, Numia definitely doesn’t fall short on key features. Numia accounting solutions records and processes all accounting transactions within your small business. With this easy to use accounting solution, you have the ability to keep track and manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, trial balances and many other modules.

The vendor, customer, and company can all set up their own preferences in their bank accounts and have free access to add, delete and edit the accounts. Numia accounting solutions offers many ways to customize your system so that it is easier to use and fits all of your financial needs. It is extremely secure and reliable so you don’t have to worry about hackers or identity theft. Unfortunately, all of your data has to be entered manually, so the chance of mistakes or human error is still possible. Check out our Numia accounting software review for more on this financial management solution.

Compiere Open Source Accounting Solutions

Compiere’s open source account solution also offers great software for managing finances. They understand that the business and financial world are moving at a fast pace, so they have dedicated their time to creating software that can also keep up with the rapid changes. Like Numia accounting solutions, Compiere is also free and very secure. Rather than having to input data multiple times, it only has to be done once, and then it can be shared with all authorized users. Compiere accounting solutions lets you be in complete control. You have the ability to add new features and upgrades to fit your needs.

Want to Learn More About Accounting Solutions?

These are only a few of the options available to you, so if you’d like more information on accounting solutions, look into our Top 15 Accounting Software Vendors report. In it, we gathered all the information you need to compare accounting software vendors, including features and highlights of each vendor’s strengths. Not only will it make your research go more smoothly, but it’s a ready-made accounting software list for you to reference as you search for an accounting solution.

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