Which Accounting Software Vendors Are Ahead of the Game? A Closer Look at NetSuite


The accounting software you rely on to manage the finances for your corporation must be able to meet stringent qualifications and evolve along with the changing needs of your company. Finding a provider who can meet expectations on both ends can be a challenge. NetSuite has been proving its worth in the global industry among accounting software vendors for quite some time and provides online business applications that are designed to enable your key business leaders to make better and faster decisions. Netsuite promises to deliver on expectations, while also cutting your IT costs and growing along with your business. Can this player deliver? Take a closer look at NetSuite.

Top Accounting Software Vendors: What NetSuite Can Do

As a well-known software provider among accounting software vendors, customers are praising NetSuite. With their software, NetSuite has the ability to deliver software that produces benefits for your company that are measurable and for independent users as well. Nucleus Research just recently inspected the effect NetSuite was having on their customers and found that their distribution customers as well as wholesale customers were increasingly improving reporting as well as their efficiency. The accounting software vendors business system helped users improve margins, focus on customer service and satisfaction, all while lowering costs. Customer satisfaction is high on their list.

NetSuite and the Cloud as Accounting Software Vendors

One of the few accounting software vendors that provides comprehensive cloud based accounting software, NetSuite business solutions and management applications support financials, accounting, enterprise goals, manufacturing, ecommerce, the management of customer relationships, and reports from one customer record. Sales, billing, support, planning staff, shipping, and accounting can all access the same vital data via the cloud.

NetSuite as one of the Top Accounting Software Vendors

Along with the use of the cloud accounting, NetSuite also offers its business solutions as a platform for wholesale/distribution that supports the specifically customized dashboards, self-service vendor and customer and partner centers. This platform includes important features such as inventory management, order processing that is automated, packaging for your product and assembly, shipping that is integrated and logistics and ecommerce capabilities. In the wholesale/distribution platform, NetSuite also has the ability to lower your expenses and increase efficiencies; exactly what top companies want to do–a valuable addition to your company in more ways than one.

Top Accounting Software Vendors: NetSuite is Financially a Smart Choice

Nucleus research estimates that other accounting software vendors’ on-site solutions, which provide similar functions to NetSuite, would cost at the very least $50,000 in fees for software, $20,000 for hardware and $50,000 in support and license maintenance. They also determined that there were numerous ways in which NetSuite’s wholesale and distribution customers could save money, reduce costs and increase efficiencies, such as IT and reporting, sales and customer service, and inventory and margin management. As NetSuite provides insight into inventory availability that is real-time, sales can be improved. This business solution can easily reduce the time sales people spend on tasks that must be done manually and speed up the sales cycles. Wholesale distribution customers can count on NetSuite, to help increase sales yet not increase their staff. This puts them at the top of accounting software vendors lists.

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