What Types of Accounting Software Should Your Company Choose


There are so many different types of accounting software, and the applications that go with it all those choices can sometimes be overwhelming. To find the best types of accounting software, you need to first decide what your business needs are. Small business accounting software works much differently than software that is manufactured as an enterprise for planning solutions for a company. If you own a larger sized company, you may find more benefits in the types of accounting software that offer more comprehensive solutions for multi-user capabilities.

Popular Types of Accounting Software

Some of the different types of accounting software are Oracle, People Soft, Enterprise One and mySAP All in One. SAP Business One or Microsoft Great Plains are other choices that are more for basic accounting. Any of these would be great choices or at least great places to start when doing your research for your perfect company fit. As long as you know exactly what your company needs are and have goals set to meet these needs, then you will be able to narrow your search quickly and be left with your best match.

Small Business Types of Accounting Software

If you own a small business you can probably use different types of accounting software than larger companies. Some of these choices might include QuickBooks Enterprise or Professional as well as MS Small Business Financials. These options are also great for personal uses as well. Sage Peachtree is another great example that can easily meet your business or personal needs. All of these options should come complete with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general ledger features. Most of them should also handle basic reports, invoices and the tracking of other expenses and assets. Options to set up spreadsheets to track certain financial expenses daily can also be handled with certain types of accounting software.

Difference of Small Business and Larger Enterprise Types of Accounting Software

The major difference in the two types of accounting software are that the smaller applications will not always integrate with other software to serve multiple operations such as manufacturing, marketing and engineering. This could be a negative aspect for larger companies who handle these things daily but for the smaller businesses who do not work on such a large scale these types of accounting software packages will work perfectly.

Deciding Between the Two Types of Accounting Software

The decision of whether to go with a smaller type of accounting software package or a larger more complex one will rely heavily on the size of your company and what functions you handle. No matter what your choice may be the benefits will be great. You will love that your finances are in order 24/7 and the fact that your employees have more streamlined jobs so that they can handle multiple things at once. Your employees will love the loss of mounds of paper and the fact that all of the information they need will be just a few clicks away.

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