Web Based Accounting Software that is Leading the Online Market


Accounting software is one of the few software packages that is used nearly every day by nearly every business. Web based software is also becoming more prevalent. Gaining traction with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs, web based software offers benefit and easy access that were nearly impossible before the advent of the Internet.

The giants of the software industry have already found ways to make the software secure yet still easy to use. And, companies are now beginning to trust web based accounting as a safe and easy way to get their accounting processes completed efficiently and effectively. If you have yet to make the leap to web based accounting, it may be time to examine your options and what you stand to gain.

Security Hurdles of Web Based Accounting Software

Initially, people were nervous about using web based accounting software in their organizations due to security concerns. Such providers have been charged with demonstrating that they have the proper securities in place to overcome the threats inherent on the Internet while delivering applications and value outside of your firewall. Providers such as SAP and NetSuite have implemented tight encryption and other methods to protect your data as it move between your network and your managed services provider’s servers. While problems are still possible and threats still exist, security is not nearly the issue it was when web based solutions were first gaining attention.

The Benefits of Web Based Accounting

The benefits associated with web based accounting are real and measurable. Web accounting software offers lower up-front costs and lower maintenance costs. Implementation time is down to mere hours with some platforms, and having the software at multiple locations is no longer a concern. All that is needed is a browser, a password and quality training to get your team on board. Software updates are no longer at the mercy of the IT team as updates are delivered automatically. Finally, backing up of data is no longer a cumbersome affair as automatic backups are generally provided with your web accounting solution.

Companies that are Leading the Way in Web Based Accounting

The availability of web-based accounting solutions started with some of the largest software companies in the world. SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and NetSuite are all companies that have web based accounting programs available. And, because these programs are web based, it is easier for new competitors to enter the market, offering more choices for your business. Without the need for a robust distribution network, just a secure server, companies leveraging web based accounting can quickly launch their new platform, getting all departments and users online more easily than ever before.

Other Power Players in Web Based Accounting Software

The rapid adoption of the web based approach to accounting has allowed NetSuite to become the number one cloud accounting system in the world. With reasonable fees, easy to use software, global colocations for backup and Tier 1 SLAs, it is easy to see why they are leading the competition. Intacct and Epicor are also taking advantage of the web based accounting phenomenon, offering award winning software packages with competitive pricing and high quality features.


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