Web Based Accounting Software: Does it Really Make a Difference in Your Operations?


Virtually any company that wants to succeed in the current business world needs to be online, and web based accounting software is another indication of software vendors turning to the Internet to compete. Businesses are finding it much easier to do their accounting with online financial management software, rather than using a paper and pen to keep track of their finances.

Xerox Web Based Accounting Software

Xerox web based accounting software provides an overview of your financial position, showing bank balances and unreconciled amounts of cash flow. It’s designed to quickly import downloaded bank statements, and its bank agreements feature matches invoices that you create. Xerox web accounting software also automatically allocates entries to accounts, based on specific terms like payee, description or amount.

Xerox supports automatic feeds that can import data directly from your bank, which can automatically connect your bank site and also gives you the ability to transfer statements in a secure manner to your Xerox account. With an integrated payroll module and multiple users with different permissions, Xerox web based software for accounting is ideal for larger businesses

KashFlow Web Based Accounting Software

KashFlow’s web based accounting software uses balance and sales charts to import significant sections of your business. KashFlow is also an impressive invoicing tool that allows you to quickly create quotes and turn them into invoices with the click of a button. The invoices are then converted to HTML or plain text, with PDF attachments. Another feature that makes KashFlow’s web based accounting software unique is their stock management.

Although the functionality is very simple, it is also extremely useful. The program works by entering the number of items in stock, which will decrease when you issue and invoice the item. With the stock management system, you can also set a value at which you can be warned about the level of stock. KashFlow’s web based accounting software is ideal for stock-based businesses because of their quality invoicing tools and unique stock management feature.

FreeAgent Web Based Accounting Software

FreeAgent uses a simple interface, so rather than entering your accounts receivable or accounts payable, all of your transactions are gathered under easier headings, like Work and Expenses. FreeAgent web based accounting software is specifically designed for freelancers and contractors. It is useful in organizing expenses and income, based on the projects, and it is also useful in establishing a budget to measure the profit.

FreeAgent web based accounting software is also a great program for remote workers with their time tracking feature. This allows each user to log in and manage their personal time sheets, while the project manager can review the entire project as a whole. FreeAgent is simple and has plenty of useful tricks, but it is well known for its time-tracking and project management tools that help make it easy and successful for freelancers and contractors.

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