Using iPhone Accounting Apps In SMBs


Most of us are glad tax season is over and don’t want to think about our financial management system, but since they are part of our daily life, why not try to simplify with a new accounting app for your mobile device? Finding accounting apps that help those of us with hectic schedules who are constantly on the go, is important to keep up with our day to day expenses.

Fortunately, there are several free accounting apps for your iPhone that can help those of us on the move to better organize our life. Since tax season is now over, this period is a good time to implement new business accounting methods, especially for small business owners. When looking into the different iPhone accounting apps, look for those that help with expense reports, invoicing and those that manage files while staying mobile.

Accounting Apps Help Keep Track of Expense Reports

Many business professionals who use the iPhone wish they could use them like company-issued Blackberrys or free laptops in order to check their corporate email, customer contact lists and accounting systems. Expensify, one of the better expense report tracking accounting apps, allows you to take pictures of your receipts, tag or classify them according to the activity (i.e. restaurant, travel, etc.),  and then upload it to Expensify’s website. You can also create specific expense reports to cater to your exact business needs.

Invoicing Feature Offered with Accounting Apps

For convenient invoicing, PayPal has a free iPhone app that makes it easer than ever. Paypal accounting apps allow you to send money out if you need to or transfer money to and from your bank account through the app, if you have your email address in the phone. It is very convenient for the small business owner who is on the go because you can do almost anything expense-related from your iPhone while you stay mobile allowing you to keep your business running. Should an employee call you up about an invoice or bill, you can just check the app on your phone from wherever you are.

Accounting Apps That Manage Files While Staying Mobile

Not only can you use your bank’s application to transfer funds between your accounts and to track your money, you can also use a file storage app called Dropbox, in which the first 2 gigabytes of storage are free. Someone can email you a file, you download it, put it in Dropbox, and it will automatically and instantly go to your home computer or laptop, whichever you choose. Among accounting apps, it allows you to keep track of things when you are mobile and you don’t have to remember that you need to stop and get a receipt. You can handle things on the go, so they are instantly done and you don’t have to worry about it later.

With Free Accounting Apps available for download, why not take advantage of a way to simplify your busy life while you stay on the go. For many small business owners, accounting apps are a great way to simplify paperwork and keep your desk neater, allowing you to focus on the important things and not be bogged down with old-fashioned accounting practices.

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