SAP Business ByDesign: Now in the Cloud


There’s a new guy in town on the cloud accounting software solution front – it’s SAP Business ByDesign. With heightened security features and enhanced automations, SAP Business ByDesign may stiffen the competition among vendors like NetSuite and Intacct when it comes to capturing the attention of smaller or mid-sized organizations looking for cloud-based accounting solutions that are poised to help them grow.

What Does SAP Business ByDesign Do?

Essentially, SAP Business ByDesign takes the best of SAP accounting software and combines it with an enhanced ability for your organization to integrate key tasks across divisions like finance, CRM, procurement and your supply chain. It’s built to combine similar tasks across divisions that naturally impact each other through a work center element.

A second element – the collaboration window – offers a desktop format that gives you fast visibility to SAP functions. SAP Business ByDesign is a remotely hosted, on-demand software package, so you experience fewer maintenance costs or hardware upgrades but more visibility and more automation features across your accounting workflow. Like other on-demand services, you pay for the features you’re currently engaging.

SAP Business ByDesign: Establishing Your Business Strategy Ecosystem

SAP Business ByDesign boasts an ecosystem approach in which your core business units, like human resources, customer relationship management and procurement are all managed within a centralized system. The product connects multiple communications outlets in tune with context-based and task-based information, so you can work with your partners and suppliers more efficiently in your race to bring new innovations into your marketplace.

SAP Business ByDesign lets you add new sales channels for when you grow or expand your sales force, for example, or establish a new production center. Built-in features of SAP Business ByDesign allow you to stay current with changes in regulations. You also have the benefit of constant support from the SAP team.

How Does SAP Business ByDesign Work?

If you see a potential sales drop, you can use SAP Business ByDesign analytics tools to get a closer look at the challenge. Using a pre-established list of key “buddies,” you can then use a collaboration window from your workstation to reach the right team sales team member. A pop-up will let your key person know what’s happening, and your designated team member can instantly view the sales forecast and all related information. Information moves into a pipeline feature to see what other revenue opportunities exist, including the details to carry out these opportunities such as a customized discount. The order is inputted, quote given, supplier and distribution team notified in one continuous flow.

All of SAP’s core functions are designed to give you 360-level visibility into your accounting processes and to show you how those processes are impacted by sales, human resources, supply chain and procurement. With its ability to link up these core processes through distinct context-based and task-based information levels, all in one system, SAP Business ByDesign may hold true to its name – allowing you to design your next steps according to your own unique goals and insights.

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