SAP Accounting Software Apps Are a Sign of Things to Come


When you think of iPhone accounting apps, you don’t likely think of SAP accounting software, but rumor has it that it won’t be long before the two go hand in hand. Believe it or not, the development of SAP accounting software apps requires the collaboration of both SAP and Microsoft, two companies that have been fierce competitors in the business intelligence software space. In this arena, it appears both companies have recognized the value of the other and are willing to set aside their differences to benefit each others.

SAP Accounting Software Demands Collaboration

You may be wondering why SAP needs to rely on anyone – or even Microsoft – as both companies have their own powerful processes in place to play very nicely in the market. The reality is that each one can benefit from the other, cooperating to achieve a common goal. As a result of this relationship, SAP will allow application developers to leverage the .NET development platform from Microsoft to write applications for SAP accounting software. Traditionally speaking, developers for Microsoft Dyamics had to translate those applications into Oracle’s Java programming format. Or, if the developers wanted access to SAP accounting software, they had to use SAP’s own development language. The change will expand reach for all parties.

Extending Reach for SAP Accounting Software

In the past, SAP accounting software worked really well with SAP software – integration with other platforms was not always ideal and some solutions wouldn’t work at all. This was great for SAP if they wanted to claim the entire process business within an organization. The challenge now, however, is that customers and companies likes yours are more savvy and know they have more options.

With the collaboration between SAP and Microsoft, the SAP accounting software will be readily available for use in a wide variety of collaboration software. It will also extend the platform to cloud-computing applications and even mobile devices. This mobility is critical as companies are becoming more mobile and teleworking is quickly become the norm. Users want access to their data at any time and from anywhere. SAP understands this demand, letting its guard down to work with proven partners.

The Market is Set for SAP Accounting Software

There are some who may wonder, “Why now?” Microsoft and SAP could have partnered years ago and leveraged their collective capabilities. One thing that has changed is the rapid adoption of accounting software in the cloud, and both SAP and Microsoft recognize the role they can play in this space. At the same time, the market for SAP accounting software and other performance solutions available in the cloud and on mobile devices is projected by Forrester Research to reach $3.2 billion by 2012. Let’s face it–SAP and Microsoft both want a significant chunk of that business.

This is great news for companies like yours will benefit from the extended capabilities that will come out of this collaboration and the SAP accounting apps will sync perfectly in your Microsoft environment. Besides, it isn’t really the first time that SAP and Microsoft have pooled their talents to make inroads in the market. Earlier this year, the two developed Duet, allowing Sharepoint users to pull info from SAP documents. Mutual customers will continue to benefit and the market overall will see powerful solutions.

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