QuickBooks Hosting: What is it and Do You Need It?


If you want to focus on your business and operate in a quicker and more reliable manner, then application hosting is your best bet. Application hosting, such as Quickbooks hosting, installs and runs the application on a third-party server, replacing the local network. This real-time solution offers you the ability to reduce operation and ownership costs, professional technical support, faster deployment and scalability.

Quickbooks Hosting Can Do a Lot for Your Business

Note that there are vast differences between Quickbooks hosting and Intuit Quickbooks online. The online version limits users and can be costly when it comes to upgrades. While there can only be one physical user per computer terminal with Quickbooks hosting, the limited amount of remote users can give you the capabilities to implement the solution as a training tool. Any provider should be Intuit authorized commercial host.

What to Look for in a Quickbooks Hosting Vendor

Now that you’ve decided to use Quickbooks hosting, you can start looking for the best service provider for your company. There are numerous companies that can provide critical business financial applications and data but how do you know who to choose? There are basic criteria to help you in your search. While most are fully capable of providing the basics, look closely at your company’s specific needs to determine who is right for you.

NovelASPect Offers a Different Angle to Quickbooks Hosting

NovelASPect is one of the top providers of Quickbooks hosting systems. Regardless of your company’s size, NovelASPect will have the best simplified remote access and solid technical support at a reasonable cost compared to other providers. With 99.9% uptime guaranteed, they are a clear contender for application hosting.

What Makes NovelASPect Standout in Quickbooks Hosting?

A feature that makes NovelASPect different from other Quickbooks hosting providers is Citrix. Citrix is proven to run up to three or four times faster than traditional terminal services most vendors use. For starters, Citrix has a desktop icon for users to simple one-click their way into the Quickbooks hosting system. Others require a remote login procedure that takes valuable seconds and cannot run on low-speed modems. There are additional features with NovelASPect, like 73% less usage of bandwidth on your server.

Traditional Providers Have a Lot to Offer for Quickbooks Hosting Too

Another viable option would be Uni-Data. This vendor has been providing reliable and secure support to the financial industry since 1989. Uni-Data utilizes a server-based financial data management solution, which provides regulated accessibility throughout your company. In the shared terminal environment, Uni-Data will be able to offer top notch services using the cloud computing technology.

Who’s Using It and Why?

Accountants will really enjoy Quickbooks hosting as it enables them to work with more customers in more locations with fewer traveling expenses. Because Quickbooks hosting is a web based accounting solution, there can be multiple remote users, and all the full features of Quickbooks in addition to complete access to add ons. This solution will give you the benefits of tracking inventory, sales, completing purchase orders, forecasting and much more.

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