Numia Accounting Software Review: It’s Free, But Does it Work?


As a small business owner, it can be tempting to try every free software solution that promises to meet your needs, but does free indicate that you’re settling for limited capabilities, no support, and sub-standard quality? With the proliferation of cloud-based solutions that promise full-suite capabilities at no cost, many a business decision maker is asking these questions. In a Numia accounting software review, take a look at why this option may make sense for your small business.

Numia Accounting Software Review: Are You Exploring the Options?

One of the challenges that tends to exist with free online software is the perception that capabilities are limited as the provider simply wants you to like their offering so you’ll purchase the full version. Your accounting software reviews should explore the options in this platform. The company promotes its platform to the small business, promising that it will function well among accounting information systems.

Ideally, you want this platform to offer accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking integration and other capabilities that allow you to effectively manage the financial aspects of your small business. Numia offers simple registration and your navigation through the platform is menu-based with control mechanisms in place to keep you on the right track.

Numia Accounting Software Review: The Perks

One of the biggest draws for companies seeking free accounting software is simplicity in the platform. Numia lives up to this promise, streamlining your accounting processes so anyone within your small business can easily manage your finances. Any Numia accounting software review will explore the benefits of this platform, including the easy-to-use interface. You can easily set up forms for bank accounts, customers, vendors and preferences, and run reports for transaction lists, profit and losses, your balance sheet and more. Plus, if you have to travel while you conduct business, online access to your accounting information allows you to manage on the go.

Numia Accounting Software Review: Is Everything Automated?

You should find any Numia accounting software review will tout the benefits of this free platform and easy accessibility, but is everything on this online platform automated? Unfortunately, your transaction amounts still have to be entered manually, although it will digitally store your checks and consolidation of all transactions is automated. If you can easily manage your manual process with the automation, your Numia accounting software review should prove to be a positive experience.

Is This Numia Accounting Software Review Secure and Supported?

Any business dealing with taking their financials outside of their firewall will be concerned about the security of the software – especially free software. Every transaction managed through the Numia platform is secured with https, or secure hyper text transfer protocol for each transaction, while also encrypting data sent beyond your firewall or internal protections to reduce your risk of exposure. Numia does support its software and users, offering an online portal to log your trouble ticket for response.

This Numia accounting software review also found that the platform will allow you to import your data from QuickBooks if you want a seamless transition that keeps your reports and accounts the same. If you want to complete transactions while on the go or drive much of your business on eBay, both mobility and eBay integration are supported. You’ll find in your own Numia accounting software review that this platform does work, especially for the small, virtual business with mobile users. If your business fits this description, it might be worth the investigation.

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