NetSuite Accounting Software Taking Advantage of the Cloud


As a whole, NetSuite has a lot to offer your business. Not only are they a successful provider of business management solutions, but they offer accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce in one, fully integrated system. NetSuite is also one of the top ranked SaaS accounting software solutions. With NetSuite accounting software, you have access to financial accounting, financial management, supply chain and inventory management, order management and much more.

Advantages of NetSuite Accounting Software

NetSuite accounting software has many key advantages that are beneficial in managing your company’s finances. NetSuite gives you the ability to instantly see into real-time performance of finances and operations across the company. You can also streamline every back-office process, including management systems such as financial, revenue, order, billing and inventory. With this you can improve accountability with auditable accounting and powerful reporting.

IT costs are also reduced, and you receive automatic upgrades that are all delivered through the cloud. Using only your web browser, or mobile device, NetSuite accounting software allows you to get secure access to your financials at any time, no matter your location. Other management areas include financial, revenue recognition, financial planning, supply chain and inventory, order and billing, shipping and fulfillment, human capital, service resource planning, recurring revenue and financial analytics and reporting.

NetSuite Accounting Software and the Cloud

Like many other software providers in the accounting industry, NetSuite has also moved to the cloud. By using the cloud to help manage your company’s financials, you can gain real-time visibility into the performance of your business, as well as streamline the billing processes by managing recurring revenue and reducing billing errors. NetSuite’s cloud-based accounting software also gives you the opportunity to be sure you are maximizing customer renewals through sales, finance and services. With this powerful cloud-based accounting software, NetSuite provides the most advanced way to manage your company’s finances.

Disadvantages of NetSuite Accounting Software

While NetSuite accounting software has many positive features, there are also some disadvantages that can hinder your choice of which accounting software to use. Unfortunately, NetSuite has a very complicated system, which can be hard to use and get used to. It also has a troublesome support system for customers that, in some cases, can become problematic. Many other accounting software companies want to be sure that you can customize your product tools so it’s easier for you to use, but with limited intuition, NetSuite seems to be lacking in that department.

NetSuite Accounting Software: Bottom Line

NetSuite accounting software has a lot to offer in managing your finances. They’ve taken a dreaded task and has turned it into something that can be done automatically, with ease. Although NetSuite comes with a few disadvantages, it is important to weigh out what your company is ultimately looking for in accounting software. If you want to compare NetSuite to other accounting software vendors, check out our Top 15 Accounting Software Vendors report for detailed information not only on NetSuite, but 14 other top accounting software vendors. It’s completely free, so be sure to access this resource in your search.

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