MoneyWorks Accounting Software for SMBs


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Cognito developed MoneyWorks accounting as a cross-platform business accounting management solution. The application is used world-wide and even unleashed its latest version 6 just this spring. Like its previous software tools, this version is specifically designed for accounting, workflow and data requirements for small to medium-sized businesses. Because MoneyWorks accounting has a strong past, this latest solution is able to give users adequate entry screens, improved workflows and navigation, and inclusive reporting.

MoneyWorks Accounting has Many Benefits for Integration

MoneyWorks has a very friendly, intuitive user interface that displaces simple and easy screens with on-screen listings for access to data. In addition, MoneyWorks accounting is perfect for a multiple user network that has GST tracking on payments, invoices or inclusive and exclusive data entry. There is a free integration between FileMaker and MoneyWorks; but if a business needs more, there is the optional module for Daylite to make room for integration to MoneyWorks that sells for about $99. The software can also import bank statements using a format similar to QuickBooks or MS Money and many other older styles using all five major banks and some Canadian banks.

Pros to Using MoneyWorks Accounting

Some pros of the MoneyWorks solution are the ease of use icons, the customization of forms and ready-made templates. Users who have already used MoneyWorks have found the latest version incredibly solid and rather seamless. While it is still relatively new, those same users haven’t come across every aspect of the application but are optimistic that it fits their business’ needs. Because of its wide variety of specs, MoneyWorks accounting can be used by companies that buy, sell, stock and work in multiple currencies.

Why are Businesses Making the Switch to MoneyWorks Accounting?

Making the switch to MoneyWorks accounting is fairly easy because Cognito simply converts data files from a company’s previous system to MoneyWorks and includes the upgrades with no year-on-year software support needed. Cognito boasts MoneyWorks ability and advantages that include better forecasts and analysis because of accurate and timely financial management tools. MoneyWorks also has the added bonus of fast networking and multi-tasking functions that can give companies increased productivity.

There are Cost Saving Advantages to Using MoneyWorks Accounting

There are many cost saving benefits to using MoneyWorks accounting. The efficiency of intuitive operations with no limits on the number of additional company files that are created is a big one. There is comprehensive documentation in order to facilitate self training for staff with no retraining for an expandable product line. Users have the ability to share their information files across the platforms and even have a Mac and Windows computer station accessing the same server at the same time. This cross-platform capability is unique and not found in many other accounting solutions.

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