Microsoft Dynamics AX Review: Taking Accounting Software to the Next Level


Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the products Microsoft has in their business solutions category. It was originally released in 1998 to the Danish and United States markets but today is available in more than 45 languages in most parts of the world. Microsoft Dynamics AX has become the leading ERP and financial software services solution for companies in the financial, human resources and operations industries. Conducting a full Microsoft Dynamics AX review will show you the pros and cons to using this product.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Review: Revealing the Plus Side to the Product

This Microsoft Dynamics AX review reveals that their supportive and powerful solution will help you gain quicker results than other vendors. They have discovered how to build multiple operational capabilities into one easy to use solution so that you are not wasting time using two separate software products. The deployment options are flexible enough so that as your company grows, your software can grow with you. This means no additional costs in the future but rather taking the time to upgrade what you already have. Another great feature that we found through this Microsoft Dynamics AX review is that employees now have the power to access the information they need to handle their jobs more efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Review: Multiple Deployment Options

Depending on what your company is accustomed to using, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers multiple deployment options to suit the needs of their many customers. An on-premise solution or a hosted solution are both available based on the needs and wants of your company. Another option you will have is whether or not to implement the entire solution at the same time or wait and do it in phases as the needs arise. This is a great bonus in case you do not have a lot of extra time to spend implementing the product; you will have the option of doing it at your own pace.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Review: The Negative Points

A Microsoft Dynamics AX review is good for finding out all of the benefits that they have to offer your company, but it also helps look at some points on the flip side as well. The payroll module does not come directly with the Microsoft Dynamics AX package. This is an add-on that is part of another module that you will have to purchase separate as you’re choosing accounting software. With that being said, there may be other solutions which you can use that are not offered with the main package, this means a little more out of pocket money to spend in purchasing the add-ons necessary to fill all of your business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Review: More Positive than Negative

This Microsoft Dynamics AX review definitely revealed more positives than negatives. The feature rich product and the benefits that come with it will definitely outweigh the thought of purchasing an add-on for payroll. Taking the time to conduct your own Microsoft Dynamics AX review may help you gain more insight into what exactly they have to offer and whether or not you feel that it would be a good match for your company.

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