Is the World Ready for Accounting Software In the Cloud?


Are you ready to allow your company’s financial data to leave the protection of your firewall and reside on a managed server that could be located on the other side of the world? Microsoft recently launched a campaign that sends users to the cloud, but does the average user understand what the cloud means?

There may be few within your company who actually pay attention to technology advancements and while users may very well be leveraging applications in the cloud, the terminology is really not important. Vendors are increasingly releasing solutions to allow your company to move everything but the break-room to the cloud, but are all users ready to make the move to accounting software in the cloud?

Is Low Cost and Simplicity Enough for Accounting Software in the Cloud?

One of the biggest perks of the cloud, whether it is accounting software in the cloud or ERP readily available for all users, has been the low cost and simplicity. When your company leverages any type of software solution in the cloud, you significantly ease access and execution. Anyone within your organization can run an app or other platform by simply clicking on web accounting software in a browser.

Additionally, updates are consistently available and you no longer have to implement expensive hardware to launch the accounting software you need to manage the finances of the business. Of course when it comes to accounting software in the cloud, the question is really about security.

Accounting Software in the Cloud – Is it Secure?

It’s one thing to talk about running your email in the cloud or accessing inventory management on a hosted platform. It is quite another when you talk about running all of your financial data outside of your firewall. Think about the following:

  • How can you be sure that this information is protected once it leaves your network?
  • Will your accounting managers be assured that they will have full visibility, access and control once the data is housed on the provider’s server?
  • What are the colocation arrangements to protect your accounting software in the cloud if a problem on the provider’s end occurs?

The good news is that accounting software in the cloud can be just as secure, if not more so, than the accounting software you have running on-premise.

The Customization of Accounting Software in the Cloud

To gain the most value from your accounting software in the cloud, you want to be sure to leverae the customization capabilities. This is not to suggest that you can’t have this level of customization with an on-premise solution. Once that customization is in place, however, changing accounting software can be complex and expensive.

The innovation and progress in the cloud is surpassing on-premise solution development. Additionally, the features and solutions you need will be more readily available in the cloud. To answer the initial question, the world is ready for cloud accounting software; are you?

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