How Online Accounting Software Can Help You Manage Your Company’s Bottom Line


If you’re starting up a new business or just want to streamline your current one, online accounting software can help you keep good accounts while increasing efficiency.  Like cloud accounting, and even open source accounting software, the appealing thing about online accounting software is that it’s low cost, low maintenance, and provides a low resource profile. It involves paying a low monthly fee but this is a very low upfront investment, considering you pay as you go and someone else worries about how to store the date.  There are a number of online accounting software systems that are readily available and some of them are even free or very low cost.

Online Accounting Software Means One System for Your Entire Company

When it comes to online accounting software, you can eliminate IT concerns and costs that are associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications. With your entire company able to access the information they need to do their job, it makes everyone’s life easier and improves productivity by up to 30% by streamlining financial and accounting procedures.

With online accounting software, your entire business is right in front of your eyes for all employees to access. Key business information is all in one location; and with customizable dashboards available, you gain instant visibility into key performance indicators. Online accounting software is a smart choice to keeping your entire company in sync with accounting practices.

Key Benefits of Online Accounting Software

Online accounting software available from Xero lets you view online bank and web mail as long as you have an Internet connection. With automated invoicing features, you can send invoices to your customers and even get paid directly online. It provides you with state of the art banking that automatically downloads your bank transactions and codes them, saving yourself hours of wasteful, tedious data entry.

Xero’s software does the complex number crunching so with just a click of the mouse, you can instantly generate any information needed to prepare your sales tax returns. You’ll also achieve great savings of your time, as you can review and make necessary corrections to the information from online anywhere an Internet connection is available. That means less time spent on client visits which also saves you money and time.

What People Are Saying About Xero’s Online Accounting Software

One Twitter responder says you should check out because it is online, cool and sensational and by linking to your bank account you can process your transactions. She is afraid she may love Xerox a bit too much because of its addictive and fun setup, which is so unusual for an accounting system.

Another user commented that “Moving to online accounting requires a very low upfront investment; you pay as you go, and someone else worries about hardware to store the data. This is pretty appealing to anyone with an eye on the bottom line – low maintenance, low cost, low resource profile.” People have regularly quoted that having the client’s bookkeeping records available immediately was great for instantly reviewing accounts.

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