How Does SAP Business By Design Match Up to its Competitors?


In our previous article on SAP Business ByDesign, we talked about the benefits of the system and how it can help your business. In this article, we compare accounting software from two of SAP’s competitors, NetSuite and Intacct. How to they compare to SAP Business By Design?

SAP Business By Design and NetSuite

NetSuite is also a business management software option that’s built on the cloud and can help you reduce your accounting costs and need for extensive IT services and upgraded hardware. Whereas SAP Business ByDesign carries a more comprehensive business management focus, NetSuite holds one of the top market shares for mid-sized businesses who are operating their CRM, ecommerce, and ERP functions in a cloud format.

For your accounting needs, NetSuite offers limitless availability for working with multiple general ledger accounts, and can quickly change an estimate into a sales order, or send a sales order directly into an invoice format. For meeting compliance requirements, NetSuite also allows a very precise audit trail and also utilizes a role-based format. Some organizations have seen direct reductions in finance time allocated toward tasks like tracking team commissions, due to NetSuite’s customizable dashboard.

Intacct and SAP Business ByDesign Both Offer Real-Time Access

Intacct is another leading cloud-based accounting software option, and focuses on automating core workflow elements so that you are freer to address strategic decisions. Like SAP Business ByDesign, our Intacct review shows that it offers a Web-based interface so that you’re in touch with real-time accounting and financials from anywhere. Tough permissions and controls, along with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, help you meet compliance and security challenges. Through customized dashboards, you can get full visibility into your financials with Intacct and speed up your process of quote to ordering. The procurement-to-payment process can be automated to help cut down on mistakes.

Integration Level May Be Differentiating Factor for SAP Business ByDesign

In a variation of the ecosystem concept offered by SAP Business ByDesign, Intacct reduces your need to integrate the software with other systems you’re already successfully using. If your CRM system is already working well, and your human resources team is satisfied with the results from their current system, Intacct boasts financial accounting software that will blend will into this system. SAP Business ByDesign, in comparison, can help you integrate all these functions into one single system for collaborative benefits.

As you can see, NetSuite and Intacct do have their advantages, but SAP Business By Design provides more of a business management focus, as well as working better for smaller sized businesses. Cloud based accounting software is rapidly changing now that the industry has embraced the technology, and SAP accounting software will definitely keep pace with big vendors like NetSuite.

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