ERP Accounting Software Moves into Google Apps


When you think ERP accounting software, you might not immediately think Google Apps – but maybe you should. Whether you realize it or not, Google Apps has expanded to offer a full range of options that can work well within the small business; and because they’re open source accounting software, you use only what you need and update as necessary. Don’t be concerned that your business accounting software is coming from Google – the company really only provides the platform for a proven ERP provider to deliver what you need.

ERP Accounting Software from WorkforceTrack

You are likely considering an ERP accounting software deployment to give you access to the tools you need to optimize performance. You want visibility across the entire accounting department and every project, invoice, bill, etc. that passes through your system. You may also want to easily integrate this platform with your inventory management system, your supply chain automation strategy, your warehouse management platform and so much more. A quick look into Google Apps and you have access to WorkForceTrack as your enterprise accounting software platform. This portal offers online collaboration, reporting and task, time, tracking and billing capabilities on a proven platform with Google apps integration.

WorkforceTrack Makes ERP Accounting Software Simple in Google Apps

The Google Apps integration that is offered with this ERP accounting software platform is designed to make the management of your projects simple. The process only requires that you attach the Google Doc to projects, tasks, leads and/or clients. You can then view your projects and tasks on the Google calendar. At that point, you can also easily import your client contacts into the CRM tool for cross division functionality. As a result of this integration, your ERP accounting software is extended into a more valuable tool, enhancing capabilities across other platforms.

Why ERP Accounting Software in Google Apps?

There are a number of different features that can benefit your business and give you the best accounting software capabilities you need with very little cost. One of the primary beneficial functions is that WorkforceTrack can be accessed from your Google universal navigation. When in the platform, you can easily track project costs, leads, invoices, timesheets, projects and more.

There is also integration with WorkforceTrack payroll, invoicing, human resources management and CRM solutions. Projects can easily be imported, employee timesheets can be approved, attendance can be tracked, integration with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are easily complete, and there is also an easy case management and ticketing system in this ERP accounting software platform.

The Benefits in ERP Accounting Software

This particular platform offers a number of benefits, including the ability to manage customers, accounting, projects and payroll all on one system. You can also benefit from the integrations with Google checkout, PayPal and Bing open ids. Plus, you can also leverage your ERP accounting software platform to provide your clients with access to free accounts by way of your WorkforceTrack accounts.

Of course this only scratched the surface of capabilities available, but the point is that you can derive great value from ERP accounting software found in Google Apps.

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