Does Your Enterprise-Level Operations Mean You Can’t Use Simple Accounting Software?


Wanting enterprise-level functionality doesn’t mean your accounting software solution has to be overly complicated. In fact, many accounting software vendors are looking more toward tools customized for smaller organizations, or taking components or modules from simple accounting software solutions for smaller organizations to target their specific needs. If you’re a mid-sized or larger organization and you want enterprise functionality with straightforward simplicity in your accounting functionality, it’s out there.

Simple Accounting Software Doesn’t Mean Lesser Functionality

Wanting simple accounting software for your enterprise-level organization doesn’t mean you want lesser functionality or performance; it may mean you want to utilize some key functions with a fast deployment and consider adding more functions later. In fact, as bigger ERP accounting software giants begin to go after business from smaller or mid-sized companies, you should get increased functions and availability. You won’t get a watered-down version of an enterprise accounting software system; you will get a simple accounting software solution that draws upon the expertise and high-tech tools of larger software solutions.

Speed Can Be An Advantage with Simple Accounting Software

Speed may be a reason you’re looking for a simple accounting software solution. You can deploy and use the software quickly, moving ahead toward key reporting an analysis features without spending too long in the deployment and training phase. Customization goes hand in hand with the speed factor when you want a simple accounting software solution that offers enterprise functionality. Customize the features to match your needs right now, and save time and the complexity of utilizing a more complex accounting solution.

If You Choose Simple Accounting Software, You Can Add-On Later

The ability to grow with your needs is another factor of the best accounting software that translates well into your needs at the enterprise level. NetSuite Small Business helps you achieve this challenge, offering enterprise-level features, such as tracking marketing initiatives, customer service, sales and projects within a comprehensive setting. It’s offered online, and works in the realms of improving efficiency and overall business organization while it tackles core accounting tasks.

All you need to do is log-in, and you’re off and running anywhere with your accounting information. The navigation tool bar, pull down menus and quick shortcuts to frequently–accessed information increase its simplicity value. For accounts receivable, NetSuite Small Business is on-target, helping you track and manage your total invoices and shipping needs, pick a shipping method and even sell items on credit if you desire.

Growth Is Still a Goal with Simple Accounting Software

If you’re operating at an enterprise-level, no doubt your sights are set on growth. Choose accounting software that also has growth as a goal, such as Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting. It’s efficient, and comprehensive, offering deeply detailed inventory and job costing functions that aren’t overwhelming to use. It also lets you customize your inventory, manage vendors and track all your shipping, contacts and sales – plus CRM functions.

Look for Simple Accounting Software With Extensive Dashboard Features

A key to simple accounting software that doesn’t act simple is extensive dashboard management and helping you automate repeated tasks. Sage Peachtree can also offer you security based on a module format, and automatic accounting heightens your confidence and accuracy. Choose from multiple versions that maintain the simplicity you want without sacrificing enterprise functionality. With the Business Status center of this simple accounting software solution, you get a broad picture of your business metrics and can easily navigate to specific details – then graph it, send it via email or other functions. You can use its Benchmarking features to intensify your enterprise experience, and all within a quick-start setup format and numerous screen-level helpers.

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