Does Infor Accounting Software Beat Out Microsoft?


Infor accounting software came out of the collaboration of some of the world’s most prestigious software brands as they joined together to form a new multi-million dollar group. Household names such as JBA, Union, and SSA Global, just to name a few, melded into one to become a top force in the global market. This well distinguished group and their 70,000 customers, hold a high position in the mid-market. While Infor was formed with strategy in mind, the company has matured beyond expectation, creating an identity for themselves that is focused and clear. By developing applications for mid-sized businesses across the globe and leaving the tough stuff to Microsoft, Infor is now able to focus on the areas that they can achieve the greatest success in.

Why Infor Accounting Software

Recently, other vendors have simply given up on Microsoft. While the customers get the leverage, Infor accounting software takes into account collaborative applications which , in today’s market, seem to be the key to productivity and accelerate them. They also focus on organizational responsiveness as well as profitability with users. Infor customers can see, over time, how Infor accounting software will develop through the Microsoft tie-up, and ultimately they will be committed to Infor for many years to come.

What Does Microsoft Provide?

The newest popular phrase in the corporate system is “allowing people to do more with less”, and while this may seem like the best thing, focusing on a range of smaller choices in necessary. User interface is where most corporate systems need to start. By taking advantage of SharePoint technology, Infor accounting software can provide user interface that is consistent across the board no matter how many applications are deployed.

Also, having one password makes it easier to take an employee and move them from one application to a different area at any given moment. By doing this, companies can lower their learning curve and allow user departments to smooth things out, when demanded. You are also able to support role-based processing, which means through corporate intranet, end users are matched to their job and must do the relevant tasks, dashboards, reports and the performance indicators that are specifically designed for their job.

Infor Accounting Software and the Cloud

Unlike most ERP accounting software companies, Infor accounting software isn’t convinced of the greatness of the Cloud, and giving customers a choice of whether to host their applications in the cloud or stay on premise. Infor accounting software uses heavy customization, which goes against the idea of the cloud. Infor believes it is more important for a user to have an idea of where the application is placed whether than if it is hosted in the cloud or not. They also use their own idea of the cloud, Infor ION, which is claimed “cloud without compromises”.

The Strategy and Infor Accounting Software

While Infor’s strategy is well-built, their choice to leverage Microsoft’s technology has positioned them to the top of the market and to move the company out in the world and keep them in on what is changing in their system. Infor is now able to focus on business and functionality, along with improving value. While Infor accounting software is happy with their decision, dilemmas in the market are arising. They are beginning to wonder what the effect will be on other applications in the global mid-market.

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