Changing Accounting Software? How to Make the Transition Smoother


If you’re working harder than your system, it might be time for an upgrade to your business accounting software. Making the switch and changing accounting software can be a daunting task, but it’s manageable if you take the right steps.

Choosing the Right Vendor When Changing Accounting Software is Crucial

When choosing a new vendor, liken it to your current situation. If you are looking to replace your existing system, why? If it is because of support issues then this should be a main factor in your search for a replacement. Establishing your needs ahead of time can make changing accounting software that much easier. Make a list of features and capabilities you are looking for. Check them off as you look into each vendor. If they don’t meet the standards you have established, then cross them off the list.

Get Your Employees Ready

Conversions are not as simple as changing a light bulb. The process can be stressful and time consuming. Ensure that your staff is prepared and in for the long haul. Even if you’ve done your homework, and even with simple accounting software, there will still be periods of frustration. Be aware that during the transition there will most likely be points of disruption in core operations. Making preparations will ease some of the discomfort.

Changing Accounting Software Should be Done at the Right Time

You know more than anyone when your busiest times are. Try to avoid changing accounting software during quarterly closings or year-end closings. Another thing to consider is providing all the training for your staff ahead of time so that after the switch users won’t be twiddling their thumbs with confusion on how to operate it.

Costs Play a Factor

There’s no denying that costs factor into the decision-making process. For small businesses, this is one of the most critical components when changing accounting software. But don’t let it come between you and an effective solution. You probably know all too well how a failing system affects your business. Spending a little money to have a reliable and secure program is the best choice.

Changing Accounting Software Can Improve Other Business Relationships

Changing accounting software will not only improve your inside operations but vastly change your working relationships with customers, vendors and other business partners. Being able to collaborate and share financial information with those important people in your business will greatly benefit you.

Problems With Changing Accounting Software

One of the biggest reoccurring problems with changing accounting software is the carry over of existing data to the new system. Using accounting software will give you financial control with an early warning system and an entry into management tools. Since all financial data can be monitored in real time, it’s important to have this move over to the new system. Numbers created by the software will then provide a basis for action to improve financial control, make management decisions to reduce costs, and improve sales.

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