Can Small Businesses Benefit from Microsoft Accounting Software?


In the small business sector, you have likely had some experience with Microsoft as the company offers software to handle just about everything in the back and front office areas of your business. Is this software giant the right one to provide your accounting backbone, however? The company did recently announced the release of a new Microsoft accounting solution aimed at making your life easier.

While Zoho and Intuit both offer excellent choices in simple accounting software for the small business, the new Microsoft accounting software could easily challenge their leadership in the overall market. The Microsoft software was designed for those companies who have outgrown their current accounting software, providing what the provider considers to be the logical next step.

How Microsoft Accounting Software Will Help Your Small Business

When Microsoft accounting software, otherwise known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, was designed it was created to be flexible enough to fit any size company in any industry. This software allows you to create invoices, track the productivity of your company, keep track of your inventory and access all of your contact information in Outlook.

Microsoft accounting solutions keep all of this tied together so that every function necessary in your accounting department can be handled with one central software system. You will be able to create logos and add them to your invoices helping you customize your Microsoft accounting software and promote your brand.

Microsoft Accounting Software Creates Your Reports

Whether your company is large or small, you will be able to create customized reports with your Microsoft accounting software. You can create flowcharts based on real-time information obtained from your Microsoft accounting software. As a result, you can make more informed business decisions on the fly. You can keep all of your business records current so that you can easily see at any given time where you stand in terms of your finances.

This level of visibility is essential in the fast-paced competitive landscape. You can’t afford to allow the competition to get the upper hand and accurate speed relies on accurate accounting information.

Microsoft Accounting Software and the Microsoft Solution Development Kit

Microsoft has done well to continue to release updated platforms for its Microsoft accounting software. To extend additional value, the company is also releasing a Microsoft solution development kit so that any independent software vendor can create a product add-on to go with their Microsoft accounting  solution. This is a great benefit for a larger company with on-staff developers as they can easily extend the performance and features of their Microsoft accounting software platform.

Microsoft Accounting Software Delivers Benefits for Your Company

Whether you have a small business or are part of a large enterprise, you will be able to reap the benefits from Microsoft software. The ability to create the real-time reports as well as to keep track of your finances on a daily basis will allow you to see exactly where your company stands in comparison to the goals you have set. Microsoft accounting software is a high quality software product that you and your users will find is simple to integrate and easy to use.

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