Can Online Financial Management Software Replace Traditional Financial Software?


You may be wondering about online financial management software versus traditional financial software and which one is better for your financial institution? There are integrated online financial management systems that have recently been introduced to the marketplace by Fiserv. Corillian is designed to offer complete consumer online banking and software for pill paying that will help your customers with their financial management needs and offers many other value-added services as well. When considering the right online financial management software for your financial institution, it is important to think about how easy the program will be, the reliability of the software, and the important features needed to keep your customers happy.

Ease of Use and Your Online Financial Management Software

With Corillian online financial management software your customers can carry out 90 percent of their daily tasks related to the management of their finances. A single portal offers features that include online banking, money movement, bill paying options, personal financial management and even more. This online financial management software allows your users to view their financial institution as the one and only resource to rely upon to completely manage all finances. Given the level of competition in your space and the fact that you are facilitating financial transactions, this reliability is paramount for your brand.

Online Financial Management Software with a Proven Track Record

When you decide to partner with Fiserv online financial management software, you are acquiring a partner with a proven track record in creating easy and secure financial services online that are shown to create loyal customers among your base. Fiserv brings you some of the best practices due to their ongoing investments in the user experience by conducting industry research and leveraging technology that is innovative and their operational quality.

With this online financial management software you have the ability to offer customers real-time access and visibility into transactions. Users will also be able to organize solutions in a flexible way for their business accounting needs due to the technology and connectivity that Fiserv provides you. Customers will notice this value add-on and respond with increased business.

Key Features of Corillian’s Online Financial Management Software

With Corillian you can allow your customers to enroll in online banking directly from your website with a unique online enrollment platform. The service offers real-time alerts that provide users with balance and transaction information, successful or unsuccessful payments, as well as payment due information. Your users will have a secure single sign-on that allows them to access all products and services seamlessly. This online financial management software provides your customers with the convenience of pay-anyone capabilities and other features such. The software offers Flexible Deployment that supports multilingual and multicurrency deployment that ensures your bank can accommodate any language or currency.

As the world continues to constantly evolve in the area of technology coming, you can see why online financial management software offers the convenience today’s world needs to manage finances as users are constantly on the go. Fiserv’s Corillian Online is an innovative way to enable your customers to manage their online finances and replace traditional software to manage finances more effectively.

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