Best Small Business Accounting Software for Getting Started


If you are looking for the best small business accounting software, Sage North America has just introduced their latest integrated business intelligence reporting solution. The Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence software has 17 ready-to-use and completely customizable dashboards that allow SMBs to fully grasp their business accounting with just a quick glance.

Sage celebrates 25 years in business and has long been a top choice of Canadian small businesses and accountants. Their fully bilingual Sage Simply Accounting best small business accounting software is known to be easy to learn and has an easy approach to accounting, while still providing the most complete business features that small businesses require from their start up through their maturity.

The Best Small Business Accounting Software Helps Better Manage Your Business

Recent research over the past two years shows that a number of entrepreneurs still find it difficult to identify the key costs of their business needs in order to better manage their success with the best small business accounting software. Cash flow, as well as financial and inventory management were just some of the aspects that respondents felt they could be better at managing, according to Director of Product Management for Sage Simply Accounting, Hugo Croft-Levesque.

Sage’s best small business accounting software has the reporting capabilities that help put critical information at your fingertips so you can take a more strategic approach in responding to business trends, says Croft-Levesque. Intelligence Consulting principal, Craig Juta, also adds that he knows firsthand how difficult it can be for small business owners trying to manage their operations when the information they need to make informed and timely decisions is stored in different databases or applications.

Improve Efficiency with the Best Small Business Accounting Software

Juta says that many clients want an overview of various aspects of their business but because it can be very time consuming to do or requires more expertise than most can afford, it has been very difficult for businesses to obtain a holistic view of their operations because the data has been stored in multiple applications. With Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence, these problems are solved and it provides businesses the ability to pull real-time data from Sage and other databases so they can really drill down and get accurate, consistent and dynamic reports of their operations, adds Juta. Sage’s best small business accounting software eliminates tiresome and ineffective manual reporting and also the potential of inaccurate reporting.

The Best Small Business Accounting Software Delivers Flexibility

The flexibility provided by Sage’s best small business accounting software allows users the ability to customize any of the existing reports in order to meet their unique business needs, added Juta. He believes that most can see the value in knowing their best selling items or gross profits by customers, but by customizing this reporting solution even further, valuable non-financial performance data can prove to be invaluable. Without this best small business accounting software from Sage, access to this type of information would not be easy to obtain.

Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence offers two editions to their customers in either Premium or Enterprise with Standard and Advanced editions. Not only do customers receive a full suite of online resources that provide quick tips and tricks but you also get a video on “how to’s” and a team of Sage Accountants Network members are readily available to provide additional training and support to you.

While you compare small business accounting software, consider Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence. With more than three million small and midsized customers, you know you are getting great value from a global leader in the best small business accounting software.

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