Are Google Accounting Apps Right For Your Business?


Google Apps for Business not only focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, but also large enterprises as well. Each of those groups has unique features and benefits to help maximize operation potential. There are many advantages for Google’s accounting apps from e-mail archiving to accounting software in the cloud. Knowing which questions to ask and what to consider in selecting an accounting solution is key.

Improve How You Work With Google Accounting Apps

First and foremost, there’s no hardware or software requirements with Google accounting apps. There’s little need for administration which creates more time and cost savings to implement, and end users will find it accommodating to use the Microsoft Outlook interface for all communications including e-mail and calendars. Google accounting apps cost only a fraction of competitor’s accounting apps, and because the applications can be customized, you can bring your company up to speed with branding and other business requirements much quicker. Your existing IT infrastructure can then be easily integrated through Google Apps.

The application solution goes above and beyond the industry average with storage, offering 50 times more than any other provider. Since every staff member is able to use 25 GB for e-mail storage, they can be more productive. Using Google accounting apps allows you to save time messaging threads, labels and searches. The added features of Gmail were created so your staff doesn’t have to spend time managing an inbox.

Imagine Unlimited Remote Access to Your Google Accounting Apps

Google accounting apps gives you freedom by allowing you remote access to all of your information. No matter where you or your employees are they can be productive. Whether it’s mobile e-mail, calendar or IM access, you can retrieve all of your information, at no charge, through the Google accounting apps support system. But know that you are not limited to a smartphone for accessibility. Many other phones are fully capably of tapping into the system. There is also the ability to tap into Google Apps Marketplace. This option gives you unlimited access to a variety of different software solutions such as a CRM, IT management and all with the capabilities to integrate with Google Accounting Apps.

Added Security with the Least Amount of Downtown is a Perk with Google Accounting Apps

By securing all of your data and Gmail, calendar and docs activity in numerous data centers called synchronous replication, you can rest assured that Google is looking out for your business. Google has one of the most robust networks when it comes to distributed datacenters on a global scale. If one data center is down and limits your access to any of the above services, the synchronous replication system simply moves to the next data center.

System downtime is a huge factor in establishing reliability of an application. With Google accounting apps, there is a guarantee that the tool will work for you at least 99.9% of the time. Microsoft Exchange, on average, has about 60 minutes of unplanned downtime per month, according to The Radicati Group. The study also showed that Google accounting apps users only see about 15 minutes of downtime per month.

The Benefits are Endless with Google Accounting Apps

In addition to their 99.9% SLA, Google Accounting Apps offers customized inbound spam filters on all mail which is a product of Postini. With no up-front configuration, these spam filters work automatically. Postini also works to prevent any sensitive information to be leaked yet gives your employees the ability to share business information through the network via Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites.

Integration Could be a Negative with Google Accounting Apps

The drawbacks of Google accounting apps are few but should equally be considered when selecting an appropriate solution for your business. Integrating the Reader, Picasa and other apps is a hassle according to many users. They can only be accessed through a separate Google account which can take time and patience. Additionally, once you’ve committed to changing accounting software to Google accounting apps and set up Gmail and other communications, it’s hard to go back. Making the switch is relatively easier, but going back to your old system is too difficult, so keep that in mind.

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